What do I do? Stressed because of my GCSE’s…..

Hi guys I emergency advise and I’m really down atm of what to do;
I got these grades toward my gcses –
English Lang – B
English Lit – B
History – B
Science – B
Additional Science – C
Further Additional Science – C
Geography – C
Religious Studies – C
Maths – C
Computer Studies – D
I scantiness to take pharmacology but the lowest requirements of GCSE grades i set in some uni are B in maths and english lang and at least c in body of knowledge etc.

the only problem is my maths; im planning up~ applying after i get my eventual a level grades but if i were to procure to be AAA grades in my final A flat, would they still not consider me since of my GCSE maths…?


It is a not pancreatic quiet, and one we much accumulate to continue eliminating.

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