Belated Seven Months: The lost month

Dear Wesley,


Do I really remember what you were doing and which amazing developmental milestones you were hitting from November 3rd end December 3rd? Not really. Because clinicals. And finals. And not sufficiency sleep. At the end of the semester everyone was talking about getting more sleep and I’m like, and nothing else if someone wants to adopt a cute baby who doesn’t believe in sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time. Right round the beginning of clinical rotations your be careless went south and it has been grievous. You wake up every 2 to 3 hours and once stay awake for a few hours. I’m surprised I didn’t pass asleep in class. Or on the passage. Or while I was trying to provender a patient.


Aside from the slumber you are a delight. So scrutinizing and inquisitive. I can tell that you exact want to do all the things. You necessity to move and sit and creep. Not that you have figured anything used up beyond rolling incessantly, pivoting in circles, and wedging yourself in a state of inferiority to furniture.


That has to be the same of my favorite (fleeting) stages of baby-hood, when the baby wants to move forward and can’t figure exhausted why they keep scooting backwards. You whirl round so fast now that we not leave you unattended unless we need to get the camera to take pictures of you falling on the farther side the bed (#fourthkid?).


You can remain if you are placed on the prostrate, but you haven’t figured exhausted how to get there on your acknowledge.


You are a little mover however!  It’s not pretty, nevertheless it’s definitely effective. I should align you in a Swiffer onesie and hindrance you clean the floor while you chronicle. You can get up on all fours when you are mad, moreover that’s about it so alienated.


You love your bouncer, you have affection for spoons thrown on the floor, you charity playing peek-a-boo, and you LOVE your siblings.


You moreover love Grandpa. Sometimes he creeps up the staircase making noises and you are lawful beside yourself, looking around and hard to figure out where he is.


We haven’t started you in successi~ solids yet because I couldn’t unruffled think for those last few weeks of the semester, suffer alone start something new. It was ungraceful enough to feed the people who could in fact eat. Fortunately you are happy nursing and I was blest to be able to read over my powerpoints for Pharmacology and Fundamentals. And pair novels, I won’t lie. So ~t any food yet, but you now remain at the table with us and cast things off your tray. The importance game never gets old. The amusement of “grab the cat” is moreover amping up. Poseidon hates you from to whenever possible.


When you do slumber, you almost immediately flip onto your tummy through your bottom in the air. Sometimes you flip season I’m laying you down, which may or may not mean that any time you got dropped because you caught me away guard when you flipped out of my hands.


At the expiration of Thanksgiving I made an out of the heart comment while driving the kids round. Probably related to your inability to lie in the grave and along the lines of “I’m going to project you back where you came from.” Your sister tubular up from the back and asked, “Back to Miss Joycie’s family, mom?” (your daycare provider – after apparently that’s where you came from?). But ~t any, despite the lack of sleep you be obliged won me over with your agreeable gayety and the fact that you are happy so deliciously cute.




The testosterone frailty can be triggerd by many components in the same state as stress, lack of sleep, excessive physical exercise and excessive of medication appliance.

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