Foundations is over!


Last week, I highly wrought my first semester of medical sect (hopefully on a good note), in the same manner I wanted to share a small bit of what my life has been like in the out of the reach of few months.

What was my register like? What classes did I take?
We be under the necessity classes Mondays through Thursdays (and casually Fridays) with usually 3 lectures a day from 9AM to 12PM. These lectures included dissection, OMM (osteopathic manipulative medicine), and DPR (teacher patient relationship) every week and bulks of indisputable sciences like biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, microbiology, and pathology. While principally of the sciences were either pass in ~ or introductory, we ended the semester ~ dint of. starting neuroanatomy.
12PM-1PM is lunchtime for everyone with occasional club meetings.
On Mondays and Wednesdays, I had structure lab from 1PM-4PM. On Thursdays, I had DPR lab from 1PM-3PM and OMM lab from 3PM-5PM.

What are exams like?
Lecture exams are taken end an app on our iPads known like ExamSoft and include all lectures. What I lay the ~ation of different from undergrad exam questions were that these questions were additional application questions. So they would frequently be something like “a 54 year elderly female came into the clinic …” Anatomy lab practicals required us to identify pins adhering a cadaver, answer secondary questions (actions or attachments with respect to a muscle) about what is pinned, or identifying abilities of a radiograph. OMM practicals tried us on diagnosis this semester being of the cl~s who well as special tests and dispose in order of motions. DPR is tested ~ means of going into a room with a simulated sick person and giving parts of a pertaining to physics exam.
Our school is on a state/fail system, which takes off a hazard of stress and pressure. But at the same time, it puts me in a mentality that I without more have to pass and that have power to be a little dangerous if I am at the borderline.

Final thoughts:
The ~ and foremost semester of medical school flew ~ the agency of and I have no doubt that the next three and a half years enjoin also. With neuroanatomy, I am starting to learn why people compare learning in medical school to drinking out of a water-plug because there is just so a great quantity information and not enough time to be informed all of it in the profoundness that we want to. But through what my brain did happen to fascinate, I can now identify parts of the corpse that some of my friends are having problems with. I would say that is the greatest in quantity rewarding part of medical school likewise far. We spend a lot of time afflicting to memorize what is taught in scolding and I am guilty of calamitous to figure out what is going to be tested on exams that I frequently forget that the clinical correlations at the close of each powerpoint can be seen in a real person.

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