My birthday story – turning 25!


I turned 25 adhering November 29th two weeks ago!

Unfortunately, my birthday hew down on the second day of our “bachelor week” – the week whither we put Pharmacology and Pathology textbooks (and life) out of the true course to fully 120% concentrate on our bachelor’s dissertation that had to be handed in ultimate Monday. Hence, I’ve accepted the performance that my birthday would just have ~ing another ordinary day.

It turned to exist anything but ordinary.


I woke up at 7 to a level decorated with rose petals and a verbal expression from Bartosz. He had created a reserve hunt in our little apartment in opposition to me to find my present from him. There were 6 correspondence in total, spread around in our especially liked spots. One of them is the ledge where we keep our Asian cooking department ingredients – guess whose favorite flaw that one is

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