REWIND: “Back to the Future”–University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy (MN-COP) Leaders in Pharmacy Education

This may deep like a blog post on the 1985 American learning fiction adventure comedy starring Michael J. Fox during the time that Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd for example Doc Brown. Good guess, but it’s not round the film. Let’s rewind back separate months when we were talking nearly leaders from the University of Minnesota at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). This is a follow-up in the series on futurity leaders in pharmacy education.

reidt_shannonShannon Reidt

In 2016-2017, Dr. Shannon Reidt, Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems, inclination serve as the Chair-Elect in quest of the Geriatric Pharmacy Special Interest Group (SIG) at AACP. She expressed that AACP is the organized being where she has felt most “at home” and that she wanted to be convenient in a position to give back to others. When asked for what reason her Minnesota experiences will influence her leadership role at AACP she responded: “I chance of the desired end to share the habits of scholarly teaching and strategies for the erudition of teaching and learning with my associate Geriatric SIG members. The College of Pharmacy has shown a renewed weal in aging and research. I manner forward to working with the SIG in addressing the gaps in education pharmacy students with the skill sets to care in the place of complex older adults with complex pharmaceutical of necessity.” Dr. Reidt mentioned that inner reality a part of AACP leadership be inclined allow her to promote collaboration amidst the SIG’s membership. Personally, she’s looking ready to meeting more people who certain quantity her interests and offer different perspectives without interrupti~ teaching and practice.

unnamedAngela Birnbaum

Dr. Angela Birnbaum, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, power of determination be serving as the Chair-Elect and Chair of the Programming Committee because of the Graduate Education Special Interest Group at AACP. She wanted to gain involved in the executive team of the SIG to increase her interaction with other graduate training leaders and help shape the look of pharmacy graduate education at the national level. When asked how her Minnesota experiences choose influence her role she said: “I convinced the UofM is ahead of the curve on several fronts. In the College of Pharmacy we be obliged developed various strategies over the greatest decade for incorporating pharmacy students into investigation. I believe these approaches are precious possession to other schools. By sharing our experiences we can help others find viable research paths during the term of their students, which can aid in identifying what may occur hereafter pharmacy faculty.” Dr. Birnbaum emphasized that inmost nature part of the AACP leadership decree increase the interaction she has through other faculty and deans in colleges of pharmacy encircling the country, resulting in sharing of ideas that may aggravate the interaction between MN-COP’s professional and take a degree programs and other institutions.

Thank you, Dr. Reidt and Dr. Birnbaum, toward your willingness to serve in advancing pharmacy cultivation!

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