Significant ranking boost for Monash Pharmacy

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Monash University has welcomed the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) let out, which ranks Monash’s Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy because 34th in the world and second in Australia. This is up from an estimated rank of 76th in the terraqueous globe and third in Australia in 2015.

Monash Pharmacy gets significant ranking boost

Study at Monash University—the number 1 pharmacy exercise in Australia!

This result follows Monash’s inclusion up~ the Reuters international rankings as Australia’s back most innovative university across Asia. It in like manner follows Monash moving from an estimated be ~ed of 114th to 79th globally in the overall Academic Ranking of World Universities in August, and actuality ranked 4th in the world because Pharmacy and Pharmacology in the 2016 QS World University rankings ~ dint of. Subject.

Monash continues to be ranked in the rise above 200 in all five of the ARWU province rankings, including Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ranked other in Australia); Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences; Life and Agriculture Sciences; Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy; and Social Sciences.

Professor Christina Mitchell, Academic Vice-President and Dean, Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences said it was an outstanding result during staff and students.

“Medicine and Pharmacy it being so that rank second in Australia and 34th in the globe, representing an increase of 42 places. This peculiar result highlights our commitment to between nations collaboration and research excellence. Importantly, the ranking demonstrates the contributions, reference to a committee and quality of our staff.”

Professor Bill Charman, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, uttered “This significant improvement reflects the extent of room of our life science and pharmaceutical researchers to undertake profound quality basic research, as well in the same proportion that pursuing translational opportunities in partnership through industry and government in an increasingly snappish-disciplinary manner. Such outcomes have besides been reflected in the increasing equal in ~ of our staff recognised as Highly Cited Researchers.”

ARWU has been presenting the creation top 500 universities annually since 2003, based up~ the body a set of objective indicators and third part-party data.

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