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We are tot~y here to live every situation you be able to imagine, good or bad; right or unfair; positive or negative. Why? So we can learn from the experience as ingredient of the adventure of life.  Murray Kibblewhite


I call upon my friend who trained as a Doctor in Pharmacology at smallest once a week. He originally came from China over 25 years ago and has been apart from full-time work for relating to 10 years.

Since late 2014 he has been want eye problems. It started with AMD (Aging Macular Degeneration) and therefore his specialist decided to remove a cascade from his right eye. Normally simply 4% of people having this operation have difficulties. Unfortunately, my friend suffered every artery break during the operation causing him to turn to blind in this eye.

However, the soundness authorities would not admit to their mischoose. So now, some three years later in the rear of many eyes, injections to stall the AMD he is sightless in his right eye and cannot unravel from his left. He, with my assistance, is laying a complaint against the Local Health Board.

As some intellectual, his whole life has revolved right and left reading and study. Now, with the forfeiture of his sight his whole universe has changed and he has grow bitter, blaming and frustrated. In the after few month, on top of the annoying sideeffects of the monthly injections, he has developed a inflexibility in his neck which makes it herculean to move physically.

I checked the writings of Annette Noontil in her confusing book, “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul in the same state be Your Own Doctor.” Under “Neck Stiffness” I decipher that the possible cause could have ~ing:-

“You are judging others and yourself and not changing to a live and obstruction live attitude because you are immovable by entreaties and not in your feelings.”

Spot forward! Exactly my friend’s situation.

So, acquire I explained this to him? Yes, I tried to, still he would not let me know fully the above passage because “he is a scientist and does not take . non-scientific material”. An unfortunate prototype of his inflexibility!

So here is a matter of inquiry where you can take a horse to water but can’t have effect it drink!

Learnings– So what does a living body learn from being inflexible? Is it the actual observation of having a strength of cast or being strong holding onto beliefs through personal suffering? However, being inflexible gives a body the opportunity to change their views and let out the pain and anguish they are going from one side!  But how long does a bodily form hold to their miss-guided beliefs near the front of they look for a better interval?

And what have I learned? Possibly, mind but more likely compassion and detachment. While I touch sorry for my friend, I observe his problem as his lesson to be learned and I give help yet I don’t become emotionally involved.

All life’s experiences are opportunities to learn. The call to answer is to decide, what are the actual lessons to be learned?

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