2016: University of Toronto

IMG_0397.jpgSoooo graceful in the snow!

Fair warning that this vilify will not be very interesting because it features a lot of geeking off about my courses.

In short: not of the same kind with difficult as everyone makes #UofTears lacking to be, but that’s in likelihood due to the fact that I wasn’t aiming in favor of a 4.0 GPA. (At the like time though, I honestly don’t suppose I would’ve needed too abundant more work.)

I enjoyed the gym (it was unobstructed for all students!) – I went there at least 3 times a week, in rain, in the recondite, in the snow. Weighing myself in pounds was charm. Having weights in pounds was spell. Canada, why you weird?

I enjoyed the 20 exact walk to uni every day. I loved the destruction colours. And the snow. And the squirrels. The library was fine. The architecture was beautiful. It was aggregate very distracting. I don’t truly think I got much work achieved but I enjoyed studying and I suppose I’m going to make again use of libraries at Sydney next year.

I did not enjoy the deficit of study break or mid semester make bankrupt. Or exams at 7pm when the orb of day set at 4:30 pm. Or having to BUY exceeding exams. OR NO LECTURE RECORDINGS. But like, overall, I’m going to miss this uni. It was merriment. It was great. It’s made me rate how good I have it at Sydney. All in wholly, very happy with how uni went.

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