A-level Growing and Trying

So after it is the last day of inlet for Grow your Grades I study I could give it a bullet…

Hi, I’m Molly!

I’m a universal school applicant who’s trying hard to fall A*AA and get onto a Pharmacology route!

AS-Levels – AAAB
A2 Target – A*AA

I own three offers as of now, from Liverpool, Nottingham Trent and UCLan. Still awaiting replies from Edinburgh and Leeds.
I had some interview at Leeds last week, in the same state should hear a response in the next week or so (hoping sooner in some measure than later as it is my favourite literary institution!) and I know from speaking to other applicants finally week that nobody has heard a response from Edinburgh.

January Mocks
So, rate of ascent wise I fluctuate a lot. I transact Maths, Biology and Chemistry – with biology conscious my favourite and me finding maths the easiest in provisions of hours put in to grades achieved. However, mocks went badly – to the degree that always.
Chemistry – BB
Biology – CD
Maths – AD (resitting Core 1 which is my A, Core 3 is the D)

So, for what cause do I plan to achieve?
I design on nightly revision, which I normally call forth around January time for exams. I a little at a time build up how many hours I work out and reduce the breaks until I be able to efficiently work for a few hours straight without needing a break. I besides plan on attending revision sessions at my sixth shape , which is essentially a one-to-person session due to the small rank sizes and people not doing re-examination.

What else do you do?
I operate two jobs, one is casual labour packing in opposition to a supplier of tree surgeon gear. My other job is at a bargain clothing retailer for the re~on that a sales assistant. I’m also on the student council for my sixth figure and I like running when I be in actual possession of the time. However, at the sixty seconds the thought of doing anything other than work makes me feel guilty!! (although I be enough enjoy spending money on holidays and festivals during the time that a reward for depriving myself ~ the sake of 6 months) I also love material part modification, with the hope of acquisition more tattoos and piercings in the intimate future.

I hope I can grow my grades, would love to be ~ some other threads too and observe if we can all get the grades we deserve

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