Athens Tech-Can I Apply if I’ve Been Dismissed from Gwinnett Tech?

0 Hello,

I withdrew through choice from GTC Fall 2014 and re-entered there in 2015. I unfortunately failed my OB dosage calc exam by an 87.5 (90+ to void). I already used my 1 time readmission, so I was officially dismissed from their program. Both of these instances, I had withdrawn in like manner my transcript says I have 4 Ws (fundamentals, pharmacology, OB, & Peds). They call for that you drop all enrolled menstrual flux if you chose to drop at all nursing course.

4 GA Programs be under the necessity already stated from their website that dismissed students are not in “immaculate academic standing” with their program are not preferable to apply.

I spoke with a man of good family in the admissions office at Athens Technical College. I attached to my email to him my Degree-Works transcript as well as a written report of my situation. He confirmed by one of the main Health Science Coordinators that I should have ~ing fine to apply, but I elect have to retake all successfully completed nursing menstrual flux at their campus, which I am forfeit with.

Has anyone else been dismissed from one more RN program and been accepted at Athens Tech?

Below are my stats:

Cum GPA: 3.67
Core GPA: 4.0
Kaplan Entrance (GTC use only) 87% (top 10th in my lines)

Communications Officer for 2017 Class
BP & Blood drives
Tutoring Anatomy/Phys/Micro/Pharm/Foundations of Nursing
Community Education in the place of Teens
Community Education for Preschoolers

I won’t have ~ing applying for 2017 entry, but 2018.

I am studying in the stingy time all I have completed in my anterior program, saving money, and studying to take the door exam at least 2 times in the sight of the 2018 deadline.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I would have ~ing incredibly grateful.

Thank you!

Rachel Toranzo

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