Dismissed from Gwinnett Tech in GA, What are my options?

0 Hello completely,

Here is a recap on my situation:

I placed top 10 of the 60 students accepted to Gwinnett Technical Colleges ADN program in emptying 2014. I did well on my capital exams in fundamentals and pharmacology howsoever I began to struggle with pharm. Their preceptive passing cutoff is 75% and ago I was at a low B I lacked in this way much confidence. The Faculty at the time kept pushing toward any of us who were finish to the edge of not beyond that didactic to just drop through W on your transcript and reenter the following year.

I in the end caved in to that even allowing I had a high B in fundamentals and a spare B or high C in Pharmacology. I re-entered the program sin 2015 and did very well. I ended up with an a in Pharmacology, a ~-toned B in fundamentals, and 1 B in med-surg 1, and individual C in Med surge to epoch. Each of these semesters I had to take a dosage calculations exam of what one. I passed on my first try.

Finally in Fall 2016, I was in Pediatrics and OB nursing. We took our dosage caution exams the first week of chide. I did not pass my OB in pair tries for the dosage calculation exam and was dismissed from my program being of the kind which I am not allowed more than any reentry. I withdrew from the program in enough time to only have Ws without ceasing these particular nursing courses I didn’t clean. That being said I’m not unerring what schools will consider me. I’ve terminated very well in the past and concern giving in to the faculty’s information my first time around, because at that time it’s harming my chances of getting in anywhere else because there os trifle on paper stating my purposes as far as concerns withdrawing. There is no proof that I was not error the classes. So I look like in the same state a flight risk that I’m worried that no school will take me.

Are there any schools out there or does anyone be sure of any advisors from particular nursing colleges in Georgia who could succor me? Thank you for your time in lecture this. My GPA is very agreeable, I score high on my gate exams, and the only thing I really feailed was the dosage calculation exam in quest of OB. I feel like it’s haunting me.



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