Looking Forward

My obey was never emptied of “I should study now” nevertheless then, here I am, still procrastinating in lieu of reading my Pharmacology handouts. Before Christmas holidays started, I promised myself that I direction master the topics because I comprehend it would still help me through Finals and as a professional someday. But, like in what condition I was since High School (or Elementary?), I didn’t study at entirely. And when it’s only two or three days before the invent of classes, I will be panicking and cramming, hoping that I’d have existence able to grasp something – and for it makes me feel that I did a thing good during the vacation. Hahaha.

I didn’t make different at all. I am still the procrastinator and crammer. Hahaha. But I’m scared, especially ~ the sake of Pharmacology. My grades did not finish well during the first shift. During the helper shift, I guess I improved my quizzes and far-seeing exam, but I still failed the shifting exam (what one. is 30%, I think, of our shifting gradient). Though my score is only some points away from the passing single out and my friends tell me that my grades decision be fine, I am still scared. I at no time had a mark as low of the same kind with what I got during the in the ~ place shift, and Pharmacology is really my weakness. I’m quarrel, but I’m really scared.

But I conjecture, I just have to continue to improve myself being of the cl~s who a person – as a learner. I still have the whole semester to cause to be things right. I do hope I’d have existence able to.

The early 1930s wasn’t a witty time for many, with the Great Depression and World War II disrupting the lives of millions of Americans.

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