Need your opinion on a matter I posted on a facebook forum

0 I would like to seek current NP’s if they believe I was inappropriate in a Facebook hurry I sent in reference to a forum I belong to for one of my NP classes. I am in my maintainer semester of NP school, but I could clinch my tongue no more. We had a proof today that is proctored and several students on FB were asking notwithstanding advice on how to cram or how hard the pharmacology test was since they had not studied AT ALL. One scholar posted she had not unwrapped her pharm work from the plastic and we are three weeks into the semester.

I responded with my regards for those who well-considered and did not make at smallest a “B” that is required and offered some ways I prepared. After that I informed those students who did not travel an effort that they are fabrication a mockery of a profession that for a like rea~n many before them and many are commonly trying to build and make more fit. I questioned why they were in school in first place and do they accomplish that they may KILL patients. Anyway, several people responded in a positive street, but many others took so abundant offense since I was not reality supportive of everyone in the rank. I am sorry, as I informed them I desire support and help anyone who tries to alleviate themselves. I will not support or honor anyone who does not respect the avowal and the patients whom they may care in quest of one day.

I know many of you are occupied. I was just wondering if I should accurate keep my mouth shut or guard the profession that I want to join and be constant to improve.


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