Post Pharmacology exam status


I polished my exam 2 days ago! It was… well, let’s straightforward say that it could have gone less ill. There were many questions about the subjects that I wasn’t well versed in, like pharmacokinetics (the emotion of a drug in the body), neurodegenerative diseases and interactions. I asked Bartosz to know fully my answers and he said that there’s a 95% presumption that I will pass, but the remaining 5% depends on circumstances. I’m still debating whether I should take my jeopardy and relax until the result’s extinguished, or if I should begin studying another time just in case if I miss fire, because there’s only one week from the deduction is out ’till the re-trial by questions . Tough choice. One thing is positive though, I will do absolutely no thing this week and relax.

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