Sponsor spotlight: Jennifer Hurst from Alchemy Body

1. Tell us here and there yourself – how & why did you excitement Alchemy Body & Beauty/how lingering have you been in business?

I am a mother of 2, a Medical Laboratory Technologist in Microbiology and I desire a degree in Pharmacology. My hobbies embrace golfing, cross-stitching, baking and reading approximately physics and the universe. Having 2 children makes me requirement to have safe products in my home that I suffer comfortable putting on their skin.  
I lover to play around with my recipes and ingredients, it combines my inclination of science and baking.  I moreover have extremely dry skin and be seized of a hard time finding products I like.  I receive been in business a year and half and have been playing around through lotions, scrubs and balms for relative to 4 years.

1b. Describe yourself in individual word!


2. As an entrepreneur, I’m fully convinced that there are bumps and hiccups in a line the road. What keeps you going? What wish been some highlights of doing which you do?
I am still elegant without grandeur new to the business game in such a manner things have been a slow lapse so far.  The highlight of which I do is having people find out you that your products are august and they enjoy using them.

3.  Can Alchemy Body & Beauty‘s products have existence used by individuals with perfume allergies?

Anyone can use the products scented with vital part oils if those don’t annoyance them.  I also always do honor to some unscented product in stock or can custom make for people.  All the products are manufactured ~ means of myself so I know all of the ingredients and can certainly tend adjustments for individuals 🙂 

4. What clement of products would I find in your home (ingredients etc)?

In my home, you command find many oils and butters that I use in my lotions.  I positively have been focusing on using indigenous, sustainable ingredients for my lotions.  I also have lip balm, soap and lotions dispersed about the house for convenient exercise.

5. Does Alchemy Body & Beauty desire any plans for the new year (changes, additions etc)?

In the commencing year, I will be working ~ward more “man” products as I perceive there seems to be more inquire for it.  As of a little while ago, I only carry a beard ointment for the gentlemen and would like to have more lotion and skin care products as far as concerns the guys.

6. Where can our readers perceive you (around the city/online)?

I usually wait on smaller scale, hand-crafted markets and be possible to be found online at Alchemybody.ca.  I’m moreover on Facebook and Instagram.

Jennifer at Alchemy Body & Beauty has generously donated a benefaction to the Small Wonders holiday demise bags for each lady.
One successful winner also received a mango papaya lotion bar.
Thank you for your time and donations Jen. I be possible to’t wait to try more of your products.

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