UADY researchers study Mayan plant remedies

In adjust to identify plant species that are used since remedies in Mayan communities, the Autonomous University of Yucatán (Uady, towards its acronym in Spanish) is developing a multidisciplinary study in the village of Yaxcabá, Notimex reports.

The researcher of the Laboratory of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Chemistry in a state of inferiority to the Uady, Rolffy Rubén Ortiz Andrade, reported that the project was focused, in a at the outset phase, on the various plant assemblage and forms of combination of pertaining remedies of the community.

“Once the set in the ground species were identified, we evaluated the pharmacological properties of the pertaining remedies developed by the study community in experimental rodent models, in regular government to validate their therapeutic potential,” he uttered.

Rolffy Ortiz-Andrade. (PHOTO: researchgate)

Rolffy Ortiz-Andrade. (PHOTO: researchgate)

The specialist explained that in Yaxcabá in that place is a center of traditional doctors widely known in the vicinity, which motivated the researchers to study the therapeutic preparations that are prescribed in this situation and thus reproduce them later in the laboratory.

“Although there are known species that have a great quantity of reports in the scientific erudition about their pharmacological effect, the adaptedness that traditional doctors in the country carry out have not been well-considered,” he said in an parley for the Information Agency of the National Science Council And Technology (Conacyt, in the place of its acronym in Spanish).

Ortiz Andrade related that he and his team ~ly prepared the mixtures and evaluate their hypoglycemic, antihyperglycemic and hypotensive movables, as well as the toxic ones to using up.

“We prepared the traditional preparations painful to match the conditions that the common has to obtain and subsequently were given to normoglycemic, normotensive, hypertensive and diabetic rodents, to comment the different results on the denizen of the deep models used,” he said.

The researcher highlighted that in the Laboratory of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Chemistry with less than the Autonomous University of Yucatan a string of research focused on the pharmacological and toxicological study of set species in the region is vital principle developed.

“Within this line we are studying minor metabolites and bioactive molecules, with potential application in the treatment and superintend of chronic degenerative diseases such in the manner that diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer,” he declared.


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