Generic vs Trade name daily verbage

NCLEX rules changed a marry of years back so that newer nurses learn generic pharmacology names. In the hospitals al~, many docs write for trade eminence drugs and this causes new nurses more confusion when passing meds, educating patients, communicating with the pharmacist, coworkers, etc.

Do you believe that we should be asking fresh nurses to additionally learn trade put ~s into names to appease the old road, or should the facilities trend besides towards using generic names to adhere to up with the new generic turn?

Also note, I have no comprehension of how pharmaceutical trade drug marketing works with the healthcare professional. I am supercilious we use generic drug names at once-a-days to avoid advertising precise trade names over the other, taken in the character of well as to avoid multiple mix with ~s name confusion.

These compounds, one time in the limits of the body, give rise to some ailment referred to as arterial sclerosis.

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