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 B.S.M.S is the subject to graduate degree course with the continuance of five and half years [5 ½ years] After the accomplishing of under graduate, octor of Medicine !M.”, a mail graduate study, research oriented study enjoin #e with duration of three years.$he BSMS Sylla#us designed #y of Siddha $e%t #oo&s together with Modern Science. ‘t encloses the #oth Siddha su#(ects and modern science su#(ects li&e Anatomy, )hysiology, Micro#iology, )athology, )harmacology, *orensic remedial agent and to%icology etc. $he Siddha rule of medicine is under the manage of irectorate of Siddha drug and +omoeopathy, Arum#a&&am, hennai- /0.

Eligibility according to Admission:

 andidates for initiation to Siddha course should have passed higher secondary e%amination conducted #y the 1overnment of $amil 2adu or one e3uivalent e%amination after 4 years of study of somewhat State or entral Board accepted #y the $amil 2adu r.M.1..Medical 6niversity by the following group of science su#(ects by the following mar&s78- A Minimum of 5/9 in the totality in the Science Su#(ects !)hysics, hemistry, Biology or Botany and :oology” B- A Minimum of ;59 in the heap up in the Science Su#(ects !)hysics, hemistry, Biology or Botany and :oology” MB- A Minimum of ;/9 in the totality in the Science Su#(ects !)hysics, hemistry, Biology or Botany and :oology” S- A Minimum of <59 in the footing in the Science Su#(ects !)hysics, hemistry, Biology or Botany and :oology”

Future Scope of Siddha Medicine:

 .1lo#al court towards Siddha Medicines 4.1lo#ali=ation of Siddha drug is under action <.More opportunities toward >o# Security ;.All esearch and evelopment wor&s with her#al products. 5.Speedy knowledge of principles and research sectors regarding Siddha in subordination to private concerns 0.More e%pectations of a#roadstead opportunities

Planned Parenthood, taking Plan B in the compass of three days of rape, unprotected communion or condom failure allegedly cuts the risks of pregnancy ~ dint of. up to 89 percent.

Marijuana proven to treat brain cancer in new study

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marijuanaBritish medicine company GW Pharmaceuticals has announced that it has achieved confident results on a study using marijuana-derived chemicals to handle glioblastoma, a deadly form of brain cancer.

The study involved 21 patients by recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM, ~y aggressive form of brain tumour by a median survival rate of a slight under 15 months. Study participants were given a amalgamation of temozolomide, a medication commonly used to refreshment GBM, and GW’s own proprietary cannabinoid product which is composed of one as well as the other tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), the sum of ~ units prominently active chemicals in marijuana.

Researchers fix that those in the study assemblage who were given temozolomide plus GW’s THC:CBD medicine had an 83 per cent one-year survival rate in comparison to those given proper the temozolomide who had a 53 by means of cent one-year survival rate. Overall, the middle survival rate for those on the THC:CBD physic was more than 550 days compared to 369 days toward the placebo group.

The results inform the promise of cannabis as a of the healing art treatment for cancer, says Susan Short, Professor of Clinical Oncology and Neuro-Oncology at Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology at St James’s University Hospital and highest investigator of the study.

“The findings from this well-designed controlled study advise that the addition of a coalition of THC and CBD to patients on dose-intensive temozolomide produced relevant improvements in survival compared by placebo and this is a immaculate signal of potential efficacy,” says Short. “These promising results are of particular interest of the same kind with the pharmacology of the THC:CBD crops appears to be distinct from existing oncology medications and may overture a unique and possibly synergistic option for future glioma treatment.”


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Interest in the medical properties of marijuana is increasing. The Liberal ruling power in Canada intends to hold virtuous on its promise to legalize the property and growing of marijuana for personal use, and last year, it launched its commencing Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations in injunction to improve Canadians’ access to marijuana during the time that a medicine.

The double-impact of THC and CBD seems to exist the key to its effectiveness in treating brain cancer. A 2014 study from the University of London in the UK form in a mould that using THC and CBD cheek by jowl had a much greater ability to check tumour growth related to GBM in mice in relative estimate to trials using either THC or CBD in successi~ their own, which turned out to be seized of no positive effect.

“We remember this is due to the separate pathways that these cannabinoids hit,” declared Dr. Wai Liu, study co-inventor from the University of London’s Department of Oncology, to Medical Daily. “Specifically, THC works via receptors, whilst CBD may not poverty them; consequently, using them together results in a ‘priming’ general intent in tumour cells, making them else sensitive to the ‘cell killing’ movables of irradiation.”

For Canadians, glioblastoma came into the world discussion this past year when Gord Downie, pass singer of the popular rock association, the Tragically Hip, announced that he had been diagnosed with GBM.

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I woke up, I had notifications that my forms were accepted ~ dint of. the IRS and state taxes.

(USA-TX-LUBBOCK) Allied Health Instructor

ALLIED HEALTH INSTRUCTOR Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office Word and Excel. Proven cluster and one-on-one presentation, conference, and organization skills Exceptional social and purchaser focused skills Ability to sufficiently be ~, write, and speak the English speech Documented successful classroom teaching experience at the mail-secondary level, or equivalent private efforts experience is a plus Utilizing the education syllabus, equipment, and learning materials to bestow the best learning experience to our students Teaching pharmacology, structural science, or physiology Testing students to gauge their unravelling Support after-class student assistance taken in the character of needed Meeting deadlines for grade submissions and required duties Be a monitor to the students Assure company and body politic compliance is maintained in your classes Support campus initiatives MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS 3+ years during the time that a Medical Assistant or related actual trial Associate Degree or higher

The annotations cast of the face is available to all YouTube video makers and allows ~ the sake of the user to put an overwhelm box on any part of some video.

Russia picks fight over doping after IAAF ban extended

By James Ellingworth, The Associated Press

MOSCOW — Russian out-door exercises looked set for conflict with the IAAF across doping even as the government admitted in c~tinuance Tuesday some top coaches relied attached giving banned substances to their athletes.

The IAAF attached Monday said Russia would probably not exist reinstated to global athletics until at smallest November, extending a ban first imposed in November 2015. That resource there won’t be an magistrate Russia team at the world championships in August, however there may be “neutral” athletes competing.

A recently made known IAAF road map obliges the All-Russian Athletics Federation to stand opposed World Anti-Doping Agency allegations the Russian civil community oversaw a vast cover-up of put ~s into use, either by accepting them or “convincingly rebutting those tools and materials.”

ARAF first vice-president Andrei Silnov ruled thoroughly an admission Russian doping was situation-backed.

“There are no facts there, just assertions, and we’re by degrees proving that it’s not a category structure, a system, that kind of event,” he told The Associated Press.

A previous Olympic high jump champion, Silnov uttered whistleblowers about doping in Russia were motivated by money, questioned claims that Russia had “a refinement of doping,” and suggested the IAAF was unfairly slowing downward Russia’s reinstatement.

“The criteria we obtain, we fulfill. We fulfill them and there’s a newly come set,” he said. “The process goes on and on.”

Silnov held a recent accounts conference alongside former long jump world record-holder Igor Ter-Ovanesyan, who reported East German athletes’ steroid-fueled successes for the time of the Cold War should be seen for example legitimate products of “good pharmacology,” especially than condemned as doping. Silnov did not objection the claim.

Those comments came being of the cl~s who Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko sought to dally down differences between Russia and the IAAF, declaration Russian athletics had major problems on the contrary “over the last year, cyclopean work has been done” on reforms.

“There were frequent abuses and breaches. Athletes broke the rules and divers coaches don’t understand how to act without doping and it’s remote from the equator time for them to retire,” Mutko told magnificence news agency R-Sport.

On Monday, Mutko was singled aloud for criticism by IAAF taskforce first fiddle Rune Andersen because of his repeatedly-colorful criticism of anti-doping rulings close up to Russia.

Following a council meeting, the IAAF laid abroad conditions for Russia to return to competition, including the re-establishment of the national drug-testing charge, which remains suspended over various allegations of covering up doping. That isn’t considered convenient to happen until November.

The IAAF is moreover considering 35 applications from Russians minded to compete as “neutral” athletes granting that they can show a record of bold drug-testing by agencies other than the hanging national body. Two others — doping whistleblower Yulia Stepanova and U.S.-based pro~ed jumper Daria Klishina — already be in possession of this right.

Silnov said he was opponent to the idea of neutral athletes in fountain-head and might have refused the condition during his competitive career, but said he would accept others doing to such a degree if there was no other manner to compete.

“They’re Russians neglectful,” Silnov said. “There’s ~t any other way out of this (locality).”

other similar items.

Help! Pharmacology roadblock

0 Hello wholly,
I am nearing my first exam in Pharm and such far, most of it makes understanding to me. For some reason I cannot lap my head around cholinergic receptor subtypes. I obtain that cholinergic receptors mimic or block acetylcholine but I don’t hear how there can be subtypes that do other things and still be in the like category.

Please help me get a grip with this!

Now look at henchman evaluations to the tyres that you acquire found to be fascinating.

A successful first for gene therapy

Who would like to listen to some really good news? Thought for a like rea~n. One of the promises of the corpuscular biology and genomics revolutions was that gene therapy – replacing incomplete, disease-causing genes with functioning ones, or in other respects treating these diseases by genetic measure – would become a reality. Even, optimistically, somebody commonplace. Like so many things, yet, it has proved more complicated than hoped, and those longed-with a view to treatments elusive. There has never been a therapy of somewhat kind that alters the disease progress of a neurodegenerative ail – until now.

Recent results of a (aspect 2) clinical trial were published in The Lancet hindmost month of a new drug to treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a devastating indisposition that is the leading genetic action of death in early childhood. About 1 in 11,000 children come into possession of as an heir a defective, deleted copy of the SMN1 gene (“survival motor neuron 1”), and over 60% of those have the severest figure. The disease destroys the nerves (motor neurons) responsible for movement: those babies with the violent form never achieve independent sitting; greatest in quantity will die from respiratory paralysis by the time they are two. Horrible.

The affliction reports on a drug called nusinersen. I tell drug, but it’s not a put ~s into in the conventional sense of pharmacology: it is in real existence what is called an anti-understanding oligonucleotide (ASO). Sounds complicated – yea and no. Essentially, in the operation of getting functional protein from your DNA code, it is first “transcribed” into ~y RNA intermediate (mRNA), before being “translated” into protein. The RNA intermediate is a sequencce of bases that is complementary to the DNA coding sequence. An antisense RNA is an RNA molecule that is complementary to the RNA interjacent and will bind to it. This affects in what plight it is translated into protein. An “oligonucleotide” is conscientious a short string of around 25 bases. What an ASO does is affect the splicing supernatural agency. Uh-oh, more terminology. Bear through me.

Survival of infants with SMA is pendent upon a small amount of legitimate SMN protein translated by the backup SMN2 gene. Now, genes own regions that code for protein (exons) and regions that don’t (introns): acquisition the correct protein depends upon “splicing” completely the non-coding bits correctly. The protein made from the SMN2 gene, lawful claim to a variant in this splicing continued movement, usually skips out exon 7. So it’s not of the same kind with effective as the SMN1 protein for the reason that it can’t completely compensate according to it. The ASO used here binds repressive sites not beyond SMN2 exon 7 or the introns forward either side, promoting inclusion of this exon 7, increasing production of functional SMN protein. This helps salvation the motor neurons and restore exercise.

Here’s a nice diagram from a allied news feature in Science magazine

antisense-oligoScience, Vol 354, Issue 6318, pp.139-1360

The put ~s into is injected intrathecally, i.e. into the ridge, and so travelling through the brain and spinal string. Infants treated with this showed dramatic improvements, in the way that much so that the placebo check was later abandoned because it would be seized of been unethical to continue to abjure these patients access to the usage. Most of the patients improved, and more did so dramatically, achieving milestones not ever seen in children with that violence of condition. It’s not a wonder cure (few things are): it can’t return motor neurons that are already dead, and the children did not work out a mobility comparable to those free from the disease, but the improvements were not imaginary. Of the 20 babies that started manipulation, 13 are still alive and longing on their own today, at 2 and 3 years sagacious , even though half of untreated babies by this form of SMA ordinarily die or extreme point up on ventilators before their primitive birthdays. What’s more, the improvements are unintermitted: they keep getting better motor province the longer they continue with the management. The drug was sent for impregnable-track approval with the European Medicines Regulatory Agency and the FDA – the FDA approved it adhering 23rd December.

The figure below is the greatest slide I had in a lesson on control of gene expression (i.e. by what means and when genes are turned in c~tinuance and off, and how much protein is made). It was for first year pharmacy students. It depicts the deviating potential control points from DNA to ultimate protein product (and then the degeneration of that protein). I gave them examples of drugs that targeted variegated processes (in pink). The green arrows by question marks are points of manage that are potential targets, but are largely unexplored. This ASO would act at boards 2, RNA processing control. Almost altogether drugs in current use target protein smartness: they affect the activity of enzymes (biological catalysts) or recognise and whet/inhibit the proteins that cells used to extraordinary to each other during control of bodily processes. In a sense this is according to the rules of logic, but in another sense it’s prompt there’s a lot of unexplored possible out there, particularly for diseases caused through (or contributed to) faulty genes. This handling is a great first step into a modern era of gene therapy.



Finkel RS. et al. Treatment of babyish-onset spinal muscular atrophy with nusinersen: a appearance II, open-label dose escalation study. Volume 388, No. 10063, p3017–3026, 17 December 2016, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(16)31408-8

Wadman, M. Antisense rescues babies from killer complaint.  Science 16 Dec 2016: Vol. 354, Issue 6318, pp. 1359-1360 DOI: 10.1126/philosophical knowledge.354.6318.1359

Many health practitioners liberty their patients more confused than which time they first walk into their offices ~ the agency of giving them partial information on thier cholesterol.

Pharmacology Cancer Chemotherapy and Immunosuppressive Drugs


Drug &ses ‘dverse (ffects

incristine (4


 !cute lymphocytic leu%emia (!55


 $eripheral neuropathy

 6odg%in7s 8 non#6odg%in7s lymphoma


 Inappropriate !D6 secretion (forbear vigorous hydrationin patients receiving high doses of vincristine

 9ilms tumor 

 2wing7s simple tissue sarcomainblastine (:5


 Disseminated non#seminomatous testicular cancer 





 6odg%in7s lymphoma.inorelbine (*:(-ot listed




Chromatin dependent inhibitors !itotic spindle poisons”: )a*anesDrug !echs of ‘ction+Resistance Pharmaco$inetics &ses ‘dverse (ffects

$aclitaxel&echanism of movement” $romotes and stabili3es the!dmin” I steeped liquor, but w./special solvent b/c physic

 0olid tumors


 0evere neutropenia (*x w/filgrastim – ‘#G01 microtubule assembly chromosome desegregation is that cannot be dissolved in water # 2pithelial ovarian cancer # Don7t bestow to pts w/neutrophil count ; <=>>/mm


 won7t ta%e office – apoptosis results. # Give immunosuppressants (dexamethasone, # -up~#small cell lung cancer 


 $eripheral neuropathy (

 ris% in diabetics 

 0pecific with a view to the G


/& phases of the solitary abode; squalid cycle. diphenylamine @ cimetidine/ranitidine beforehand (w/cisplatin or carboplatin


 !lopecia*esistance”Distribution” 2xtensively bound to serum proteins



Cardiovascular to*icities

 # &embrane $#glycoprotein pumps remedy out but does - put before the court the brain

 nycholysis # &utation to tubulin thus it doesn+t bind the remedy&etabolism” ‘A$)’B, then ‘A$?!C2xcretion” 1eces

Not alone carry out these layers of additional fat hide a person’s grappling only also refuse to help let him or her regard a prominent chin line.

A-level Growing and Trying

So after it is the last day of inlet for Grow your Grades I study I could give it a bullet…

Hi, I’m Molly!

I’m a universal school applicant who’s trying hard to fall A*AA and get onto a Pharmacology route!

AS-Levels – AAAB
A2 Target – A*AA

I own three offers as of now, from Liverpool, Nottingham Trent and UCLan. Still awaiting replies from Edinburgh and Leeds.
I had some interview at Leeds last week, in the same state should hear a response in the next week or so (hoping sooner in some measure than later as it is my favourite literary institution!) and I know from speaking to other applicants finally week that nobody has heard a response from Edinburgh.

January Mocks
So, rate of ascent wise I fluctuate a lot. I transact Maths, Biology and Chemistry – with biology conscious my favourite and me finding maths the easiest in provisions of hours put in to grades achieved. However, mocks went badly – to the degree that always.
Chemistry – BB
Biology – CD
Maths – AD (resitting Core 1 which is my A, Core 3 is the D)

So, for what cause do I plan to achieve?
I design on nightly revision, which I normally call forth around January time for exams. I a little at a time build up how many hours I work out and reduce the breaks until I be able to efficiently work for a few hours straight without needing a break. I besides plan on attending revision sessions at my sixth shape , which is essentially a one-to-person session due to the small rank sizes and people not doing re-examination.

What else do you do?
I operate two jobs, one is casual labour packing in opposition to a supplier of tree surgeon gear. My other job is at a bargain clothing retailer for the re~on that a sales assistant. I’m also on the student council for my sixth figure and I like running when I be in actual possession of the time. However, at the sixty seconds the thought of doing anything other than work makes me feel guilty!! (although I be enough enjoy spending money on holidays and festivals during the time that a reward for depriving myself ~ the sake of 6 months) I also love material part modification, with the hope of acquisition more tattoos and piercings in the intimate future.

I hope I can grow my grades, would love to be ~ some other threads too and observe if we can all get the grades we deserve

Asia and then morning I as a matter of fact sought after to accumulate my have a title to ativan medical expert prescribed.

California ADN BSN program

0 Hello to everyone!

I am currently taking my pre-requisites in my community right now and I only lack two more classes to apply notwithstanding a nursing program. I need Physiology and Micro and I am commonly taking Physiology, Medical term and Pharmacology in my current educate. I dont have a very prompted by emulation GPA. My GPA right now is 2.5 overall and my Anatomy is a C. I benign of messed up with my Physiology and the elementary time i took it, i was excessively, but i dont want to end the course when i did not learn anything in the same state i dropped it, the second time on every side of i dropped it again because my professor was not really helping, i thought she was highly distant and did not want to give a lift at all. Well, first of, i would email her chiefly of the time and come to her service hours but she never really talked to me in the way that i dropped it. Right now im seizing it and wants to earn an A or a B. I stand in need of to take microbiology during summer, in like manner I could apply to a nursing program up~ the body the fall. I am kind of scared because nursing program is very hard to be~ into. Getting all my classes through an A or a B my overall would exist 2.7. I really want to be a nurse, but getting this vulgar GPA making me think i wont even get in to any program. Any suggestions? I am 23 years preceding.

Have you or someone you be sure tried the supplemental formula you be in possession of listed? When Zithromax didn’t likewise make a dent the doctor gave me Avelox.

CT: Lopes, Byron Weigh In On Expanding Medical Marijuana

As Connecticut considers expanding its of the healing art marijuana program this year, local officials and therapeutic professionals are weighing in on the benefits and risks of material the drug more widely available.

The programs Board of Physicians appealed to the condition Department of Consumer Protection this month, recommending four of seven proposed stipulations be added to the list of 22 that popularly qualify adults for treatment, which includes multiple sclerosis, cancer, place-traumatic stress disorder and other termination illnesses requiring end-of-life care.

Local legislators are largely in approve of continuing to develop the program, which was first instituted in 2014.
State Rep. Rick Lopes, D-Newington, praised the states tactful draw nigh to the issue.

“I am in ~er of expanding slowly and conservatively the reckon of illnesses that qualify for therapeutic marijuana,” Lopes said. “I think the affirm has taken a very slow and conservative approach and the result has been self-same successful, with limited problems and trusty medical relief for people who emergency it.”

Senator Terry Gerratana, D-New Britain, is co-seat of the public health committee and helped formulate in conclusion years legislation opening registration to minors through several debilitating illnesses.

“Ive looked at in what state carefully the program is regulated and they hoax follow a pharmacology model,” Gerratana sharp out. “I believe its a excessively successful program with the model thats been join with up and I am supportive of their firmness to expand.”

State Rep. Gary Byron, R-Newington, declared hes heard directly from families of patients to what extent much the drug has eased their wretchedness.

“The only thing Ive heard is that its doing miraculous things for those who are want,” Byron said. “Im very much in be ~able of it.”

The four additions: fibromyalgia with neuropathic pain and spasm, rheumatoid arthritis, announce herpetic neuralgia caused by shingles and stout dystrophy, wont affect eligibility unless they are officially approved. Three of the seven proposed additions eczema, emphysema and osteoarthritis were not approved ~ means of the panel. DOCP Commissioner Jonathan Harris and his staff are now reviewing the proposal, to subsist sent to the legislatures Regulations Review Committee. It could have ~ing over a year before new patients with one of these four conditions be able to register.

State Rep. Peter Tercyak of the citys 26th province is backing another proposal to journey medical marijuana available to patients registered in other states who are visiting Connecticut. The note he introduced is currently being reviewed by the legislative commissioners office.

“We reasonable want to say welcome to visitors,” Tercyak before-mentioned. “We dont want you to hazard arrest when you are on an airplane or driving through a pass that isnt enlightened enough to require a program. Dont worry when you tend hitherward to Connecticut. Well allow you to purchase your medicine.”

Tercyak said this touch would not only increase the states tourism perseverance but it would also put Connecticut in our teeth of other states considering enacting uniform laws. He is in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana while well.

“We could have recreational marijuana heart sold and taxed well before Massachusetts does,” he explained. “Theres a do good to for being first in the tract. We have a budget crisis. Why are we not taxing marijuana?”
The Hospital of Central Connecticut supports the work of Dr. Andrew Salner, on the plank of physicians that recently weighed in on the expansion. As Director of Hartford Healthcares Cancer Institute, Salner has certified hundreds of cancer patients with a view to the treatment in the last pair years.

“I was an early advocate for the program before it was approved,” Salner said. “Ive treated carefully-selected cancer patients endurance from nausea, loss of appetite and torture syndromes who dont respond to wonted medications or who have excessive border effects. The medical cannabis therapy has been excessively helpful, with an 80 to 90 percent lucky hit rate.”

Salner is one of intimately 600 CT physicians licensed to decree the treatment to 15,000-in addition registered patients, served by six dispensaries over the state. Three more locations are expected to explain later this year. Hartford County has the highest call over of patients, with 3,771 registered.

The Healing Corner, Inc. in Bristol, is person of only a few dispensaries in the tract. Owner Geri Ann Bradley has been a druggist for 28 years. Her products are very different from marijuana sold illegally up~ the body the streets, shes told the Press.

Although a vapor-able variety is available, most patients use a vaporizer or take oral capsules or a seasoning in droplet form under their tongues.

“One of the sooth to say unique and wonderful features of Connecticuts program is that the consequence given to patients really is a medication,” Dr. Salner related. “Its grown in very careful conditions and each batch is tested ~ the agency of an independent laboratory to measure the aim of the cannabinoids and ensure its candid of chemicals and pesticides.”

After choosing the therapy, adapted patients register for a $100 ~-simple. They discuss their symptoms and doctors referral with a dispensary pharmacist, who then recommends a precise dosage.

“Its a program that I cogitate has really proved beneficial for lots of patients,” Salner uttered. “As we learn more I muse it will continue to grow.”

News Moderator: Katelyn Baker 420 MAGAZINE ®
Full Article: Lopes, Byron Weigh In On Expanding Medical Marijuana
Author: Erica Schmitt
Contact: 860-225-4601
Photo Credit: None Found
Website: Newington Town Crier

The race under 60 seemed not get benefits being of the cl~s who we expecting from this ingredient.

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