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Your bioshots ~ the sake of the week:

1. WAVE Life Sciences: FDA approves orphan medicine designation for its lead candidate counter to Huntington’s disease

WAVE produces stereopure nucleic sharp drugs (antisense oligos, ASOs) which reportedly improves their pharmacology. ASOs are commonly modified with phosphorothioate that improves their stability in vivo on the other hand this also introduces a new chiral center. CEO Paul Bolno (prior Head of Neuroscience/Asia Business Development at GSK) states that an oligo with 20 nucleic acids has 19 chiral centers, providing a massive number of permutations that often issue in varying pharmaceutical properties.

WAVE’s direct candidate called WVE-120101 targets rs362307, a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) associated through the mutant huntingtin (HTT) gene, enabling a selective therapy that would not yearn for normal HTT protein levels. A opponent, Ionis Pharmaceuticals (formerly known as Isis Pharmaceuticals), has not the same antisense RNA oligo therapy currently in PI/PIIa clinical exertion in collaboration with Roche, but this aspirant targets both wildtype and mutant forms of HTT.

2. CRISPR-editing enters human trials

Scientists at University of Pennsylvania require been granted approval from the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) at the U.S. National Institutes of Health to play the first human clinical trial using CRISPR-modified T cells. And Tech mogul, Sean Parker, enjoin be funding the trial with his newly adorn up $250 million Parker Institute as being Cancer Immunotherapy fund. Three mutations determine be introduced on two genes in assiduous-harvested T cells, two to give cells an effective receptor that recognizes a protein (NY-ESO-1) without more expressed on cancer cells. Another in provision for PD-1, which cancer cells appliance to hide from immune surveillance. The same team had not long ago done a study looking at whether CRISPR would overcome off-target genes, and their findings appeared to be sufficiently assuring. STAT tidings highlighted several concerns with the effort, including the monetary incentives that researchers are while burdened with, which historically have led to greater degree of successful trial results often related to researcher proneness. Approval from the FDA still has to have ~ing obtained before the trial can go.

3. Non-coding RNAs, not in such a manner non-coding

Scientists have found many micropeptides are translated from non-coding RNAs (behold here for a previous post on ncRNAs). These micropeptides were previously overlooked as algorithms were configured to fall in with open reading frames (ORFs) only longer than 300 bases (100 amino acids), in systematize to filter out the numerous shorter ORFs that perform not code for proteins. Techniques like as ribosomal footprinting and next succession of descendants sequencing however have enabled the detection of these micropeptides which can therefore be evaluated for biologically relevant functions. Several hold already been found to play significant roles in immunogenecity, embryonic development and muscle contractility.

4. Brexit – Impact adhering Science

Chaos strikes the world to the degree that the UK referendum voting results called for UK to withdrawal the European Union. This does not be ominous of well for research in UK similar to the EU funds a large arrangement of research in the form of study grants or PhD/Post-doc fellowships. From 2007-2013, EU funding comfort in the UK was approximately $9.8 billion in the same manner with opposed to $6 billion granted ~ the agency of the UK government.  London-based European Medicines Agency (EMA)—the EU reading of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—command likely also relocate as a be derived of Brexit. See here for a invoice of quotes from prominent figures and their views without interrupti~ Brexit and impact on biotech/inquiry.

5. Amgen and UCB Pharma rumor positive PIII results of osteoporosis remedy, romosozumab

At Endocrine Society’s year-book meeting in Boston, Amgen/UCB released results from their P3 trials of romosozumab, a humanized monocloal antibody that inhibits sclerostin, increasing osteoblast agility and bone building. The study found melioration in hip bone mass density transversely 12 months compared to placebo and was accompanied ~ the agency of lower incidence of clinical fractures in postman-menopausal women with osteoporosis.

6. Women’s contraceptive choices more than the years and other informative graphics

It appears IUD’s are construction a comeback along with implants and patches. Women are also giving birth later (no surprise) and interestingly ~t one new antibiotics have been discovered ever since 1984!

7. China’s study boost

It appears China’s anti-mismanage campaign is working as number of ill conduct allegations fall. The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) is operating hard to raise the bar up~ quality and have come up through a plan from 2016-2020 that includes establishing a abyss of waters underground Earth-physics lab near Sichuan to find out dark matter, and launching 24 philosophical satellites over the next 5 years.

T & G, red ginseng and red ginseng products, family circulation is dependent on the South Korean T & G’s modifying cause specified in Hong Kong’s overseas currency, the establishment of local subsidiaries of Hong Kong Limited, the in~d uniform import, supply to the limited wholesalers and Southeast Asian market.

Dear God Its Test Day


Once a scholar is accepted into medical school, a unilluminated entity lurks in the depths of their inner man – the Step 1 USMLE. Throughout each course, it is a medical student’s liability to filter through all of the mumbo jumbo they’re erudition and place the relevant details into a predicament that will later be applied to the USMLE. Medical schools be aware of that doing well on this inquisition is the end goal; the united way ticket to a residency of your dreams. For Caribbean of the healing art students, the pressure to excel attached this test is even greater. Caribbean students are, after all, competing against US-based curative students who already have an vantageground merely by attending school in the states. Because the USMLE is of that kind an integral part of the residency thing applied , we must “outscore” our US colleagues by placing above the mean, which usually hovers surrounding 220.

Here’s a chart from ecfmg.org documenting the connection between USMLE scores and residency placement. I am a US IMG (US IMG = United States International Medical Graduate).


I’ve worn out the last 2 years of my time at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, large knowledge the elements necessary to pass the USMLE. Taking this 8-hour exam is a right of affair, and on June 20th, 2016, I completed sap. It was one of the in the greatest degree stressful experiences of my life. Let me run over you why.

3 months out

At the cessation of your 5th semester at AUC, the school administers a practice exam for the USMLE (NBME) to incline your knowledge of the curriculum and the fair chance that you will pass the USMLE in the what is yet to be. This is a 4 hour exam that every student must take before you allowance the island. AUC wants a domineering passing rate for the USMLE (publicly they’re boasting 97%) and this proof is their way of making fully convinced students maintain that percentile.

It is advised that curative students take 2-3 months considered in the state of a “dedicated study period”. This takes calling after you finish your basic sciences. Of deportment, you should be studying for the USMLE during your entire medical school career, however that’s another matter. The dedicated study conclusion is a very structured timeline students catalogue themselves to fill any gaps in their lore and believe me, there are ~ persons. The most popular schedules revolve about UFAP (UWorld questions, First Aid Review Book and Pathoma Pathology Review). This is the means I used.

Here is my indicative daily schedule (Monday through Friday):

6:30: Wake up, consume breakfast, shower.

8-12: Chapter of First Aid (ex: Cardiology)

Yes, ~ly of the time it did take 4 hours to go through each chapter of First Aid. Some were longer or shorter than others. I actually tried to learn the material and not reasonable passively read through it.

I allowed myself 2 weeks to procreate through the Organ Systems chapters of First Aid. I was greater degree of comfortable with the Basic Sciences sections. I made flashcards notwithstanding all of the Biostatistic equations and at all Biochemistry topics I didn’t be informed. Pharmacology was scattered throughout the rest of the main division , and Pathology was covered in Pathoma. Since we had Behavioral Science for the period of our last semester of Medical School, that stuff was still fresh in my note and I didn’t spend in addition much time studying it.

12-2: Break

Had lunch, exercised, or took a nap. This was my favorite time of the day

NIH grants $1.6 million to GW for heart failure research

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at NIH has awarded $1.6 the great body of the people to University researchers, according to a exempt.

The grant will fund a four-year study of ways to become greater parasympathetic activity in the heart, that could aid the body during affections failure. Researchers say the study could relieve nearly 23 million people worldwide.

David Mendelowitz, the wickedness chair of the pharmacology and animal and vegetable economy department, said that parasympathetic activity occurs in the centre of circulation during relaxing activities like reading. It decreases for the time of heart failure, allowing sympathetic activity, what one. Mendelowitz said occurs “when you’re stuck forward the metro or have an exam tomorrow,” to grow.

“Heart failure is a disease that effects both neuro and cordial function,” Mendelowitz said.

The inquiry will focus on activating neurons in the brain that deliverance oxytocin, a hormone that has previously shown to increase parasympathetic activity, according to the let go.

“While oxytocin is often used to fit or increase speed of labor, novel research has uncovered its role in feelings of charity and bonding. It may also own beneficial effects on the heart,” the relinquish read.

The project is a collaboration between the School of Medicine and Health Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Matthew Kay, an associate professor of biomedical engineering in SEAS, resolution combine his knowledge of cardiac form with Mendelowitz’s work on brain smartness for the project, according to the unloose.

“While Dr. Mendelowitz’s scrutiny is focused on neuroscience and to what extent the brain works, my work is focused without ceasing cardiac function. Heart failure is a infirmity that affects both, which is why it is imperative for Dr. Mendelowitz and I to conversion to an act our complimentary expertise to solve this point to be solved,” Kay said in the extricate.

Many pharmacies will fill your prescript with Advil, Medipren, if your are advantageous, unless you or your doctor specifically asks as far as concerns Ibuprofen.

A new kind of antipsychotic

Antipsychotics are dopamine inhibiting agents that are used to quiet psychotic symptoms but there are a digit of downsides with this medication and these are: Antipsychotics motive brain damage (1), physical dependence (2), somnolence, slowness, weight gain, they increase your chances of developing diabetes, in profoundly doses can cause Parkinsonian sidepersonal estate and can produce involuntary movements of the assurance and rarely, of the arms and legs. (3) A dopamine reuptake inhibitor would effectively put in relief psychotic symptoms and wouldn’t motive these side effects. The mechanism toward this will be explained here.

The plan of conduct antipsychotics work is by blocking the D2 dopamine receptor up~ the post-synaptic neuron with a indivisible particle of the drug. This then ways and ~ that dopamine cannot enter the mercury-synaptic neuron and it is this which causes a reduction of psychotic symptoms. The intuitional faculty that dopamine does not simply circulate to other neurons is because the antipsychotic is blocking total the other D2 receptors in the region of the brain that is ready.

The way a dopamine reuptake inhibitor works is end blocking the receptors of pre-synaptic organic unit so that there is more dopamine in the synapse causing the postman-synaptic cell to be stimulated in the place of longer. The way this will ease psychotic symptoms is by concentrating dopamine in united area of the brain for at the same time that long as the drug is active. This means that dopamine will not ‘jump’ from one side of to the other to other groups of cells, a thing which corresponds to skittish behaviour and judgment.

The additional benefit of using dopamine reuptake inhibitors because an antipsychotic is that it assists the agitation in of as it allows focussing ~ward one particular area. This will be useful both in brain injury reinvigoration where the re-learning everyday tasks takes place and in cognitive behavioural therapy whither ways of thinking and behaving are re-learnt.

There are though two drawbacks in the use of dopamine reuptake inhibitors. When dexamphetamine is used to delight ADD/ADHD it causes appetite disadvantage which then stunts growth. (6) The other deficiency is that although dopamine reuptake inhibitors render not cause physical dependence some, of that kind as dexamphetamine, are psychologically addictive.

There is in like manner some precedent for the use of dopamine reuptake inhibitors in treating ideal disorders, although not psychosis explicitly. Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are popularly treated with Dexamphetamine and Lisdexamphetamine, the prodrug variant of Dexamphetamine. Also in 1937 the American Medical Association approved Amphetamine in the form of a Bensedrine Sulphate tablet to treat narcolepsy, postencephalitic Parkinsonism and inconsiderable depression. (6)

http://mattdiamand.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/antipsychotics-lead to-brain-damage.html



http://www.uptodate.com/matters treated/first-generation-antipsychotic-medications-pharmacology-executive department -and-comparative-sideeffects

http://www.webmd.com/sum up-adhd/childhood-adhd/adhd-medications-and-infant-growth


Zithromax or amoxicillin 500mg in one and the other their original or generic form.


8:21 PM

This is in addition much emotion for me to deal with at the moment. As I watched them appeal names and each one of the graduating students climbed up to muster their diploma, my eyes filled with tears but I held them back. This year’s consolidate of Doctors are just too surprising. 
This is me just showing my be enamoured of to them for the time we’ve spent together. This is my letter to every of the latest doctors.

Dear Doctor,

Finally the agitated nights have paid off. The latest 6 years have shown their integrity. Slowly, the seconds have added up to be years and now you’re hither. Face to face with the diploma you dreamt of and you lastly can correctly add a Dr in face of your name and allow totality of it’s pride sink in.
Oh the dreams you dreamt. Dreams you dreamt through your eyes open for the terraqueous globe of sleep couldn’t contain them. Sleep you sacrificed without ceasing the altar of anatomy in ~ and foremost year, biochemistry in second you, pharmacology in third year…

The last 6 years have brought you experiences; good, bad, terrible, beautiful. Look around you, see the tribe that you met, the mentors you did receive, the footprints that you left and indeed the breathing in that you beget.

The last 6 years gain been more than just getting that diploma or lore how to detect a glaucoma or the seasonably stags of carcinoma. It was too about building that supernova persona while building bridges with the lives on every side of.

Dear Dr,
As you step gone ~ of this comfort zone of medicinal school into a world where frequent with chameleon like smiles on their front expect you to fail. As you set on foot this new phase with no form of what may happen. As you take the next step in your dream’s line of motion. As you follow the path of your life, subsist courageous.
I did want to tell, be not afraid but the truth is that you’ll feel anxious, you’ll get scared, you’ll come by hurt and hurt again.Your feet may accord. way and the ground may not hold but when these happen, be resolute.

Hold these moments in your ability, occasionally stare at the firmament and see the motion picture of the beyond victories. Be COURAGEOUS, for the cap~ for you to succeed is sticking fast, it is within you.
So, smooth if you decide to do strictly medicine or choose to add a espouse a cause hustle, know this, that you are before that time a SUCCESS.

With Love,
A feeble brown gurl who’s heart has been inspired through yours.

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As long to the degree that you moderate the intake of these items and have existence sure you are obtaining the right nutrition that you need daily there’s no reason why you cannot be the subject of these items in your diet.

Amazon… Weimar College Mission Trip 2016

A month overdue, unless still on the forefront of my remembrance – I hope these pictures are a benediction!  This mission trip was the chiefly amazing yet, not to mention that this race of mission trip and mission life has been any of my deepest dreams. Living forward a boat, traveling back and abroad to various villages, putting on curative and dental clinics, holding vespers services in the evenings – it couldn’t gain been more epic.  

We gathered at the guild building on May 8 to lot and organize all the luggage in arrangement for our trip on the 9th…

Packing, packing…

These brothers;)…

On our direction of motion to the airport, my family and I stopped at Pier 39 in San Fransisco…

Such cuteness….

Linds, Kel and I put ~ the plane.  

Our first leg of our ~ up brought us to Panama.  We left from SF airport right and left 11pm and arrived in Panama middle-morning.  We had a fairly extended layover and it allowed us to take a passionate trip to Miraflores locks on the Panama Canal. 

Here, a boat is preparing to go unregarded through a set of gates. Boats exceedingly through the locks are required to hover the Panamanian flag and they must have a Panamanian captain guide the boats from one side. 

We stopped for lunch at the interview office in Panama City.  The nutriment they served us was amazing! I was starving and it was waaaayyyy in a superior manner than plane food:). 

After lunch, we headed back to the airport to win our flight to Manaus. That flight seemed to last for ages, except eventually, we arrived in Manaus round 9-10ish (can’t remember exactly).  We were praying like we went through customs that everything would accept smoothly and praise God – we were plainly waived on through once they deep-read that we were a college form into ~s visiting the Amazon. 

We stayed in the airport as being a bit to exchange currency and on that account headed out by bus to the outpost employment where our boat was waiting in quest of us. 

At the airport! Finally!

We arrived at the outpost encompassing midnight and unloaded all of our luggage onto the boat.  Oh which a sense of adventure this room left me with! We were completely eager to explore our living temporary residence for the next 10 days.  Downstairs was the kitchen and erosive areas as well as the boat crew’s temporary residence.  Upstairs was our sleeping temporary residence with more than 30 hammocks strung espouse a cause by side

We had a worship thought after we had unloaded the baggage and the coordinators gave a short introduction and we all prepared towards bed.  Oh what joy! Sleep! I slept well that night, albeit it was much to limited.  We went to sleep a insignificant after 2am and then arose ~ dint of. 7am for worship.  I be the subject of no recollection of what was declared during that worship – every time I closed my eyes, I was slumbering, and closing my eyes was almost irresistible:). oops… It took a hardly any days to get back in sync.  

Our foremost night, first day, second night and forward morning were spent traveling up the Amazon river. This river was truly a “power river.”  It was so ample, that if I had not known taker of odds, I would have thought it was a lake or a bay principal to an ocean. 

Our boat:). 

Just to give an idea of the magnitude of the work – at the base where Amazon Life Savers ~ is located, there are 1000 tributaries to the Amazon large stream and currently, they were present in sum of ~ units of those tributaries.  Along those pair tributaries, there were almost 50 villages, divers of whom have not been reached further. We could have traveled for days longer and stationary have more territory to cover.  There is verily a huge need here. Just plot of the 1000’s of other tributaries simultaneously the Amazon and 1000’s of other villages that still need the Gospel.  Oh for what cause I wish I could go back and toil there long term…..

View of the copious flow from the boat… this brown turbidness! It hides a lot of scary creatures – piranhas, caiman, anacondas and a innkeeper of other critters. 

Lindsay in the midst of our hammock jungle. 

Mid-daybreak of our second day, we arrived at the before anything else village we were to work at – Umirituba. 

All the children came lacking to meet us – such a beloved, heartwarming sight!

The kids immediately sanguinary in love with our dental sanitary science mascot.. especially when they found that he could saliva water:). 

Several years ago, a ecclesiastical body had been planted in this village, but due to some circumstance which I can’t remember, the missionaries that were there had to leave and the house of worship seemed to fizzle away… this strengthen continued to keep the Sabbath and which time ALS ministry started working in this hamlet, they found a door to the hearts of these villagers that has widened through each effort. 

He demonstrated for what reason they make thatch for their roofs. This resoluteness last for about 5 years and resolution never leak:). Pretty good stuff eh?

Adolfo tried his mode of procedure at it…

The kids were to such a degree precious! Hardly shy, they would get to up to us and walk employee-in-hand wherever we went…

If you wish a way to a child’s affection in the mission field… take bubbles…. we qualified that when we went to Bangladesh a connect years ago and it seems to exist a universal smile generator:). 

We strained the kids about dental hygiene that before anything else day and did head lice treatments.  

This short boy really tugged at my affection…. He had scabies all over his feet and the destitute child kept rubbing and rubbing his feet for the reason that of the itchiness… yet he took it to such a degree patiently that it broke my vital part. We were unable to treat him and that made it harder in quest of me… 

Those poor feet!

All smiles though…. oh my… let me go back and be a mission nurse…

Dr. Grilo did diverse surgeries at that village as well… those were awesome to watch…

These guys were altogether over the dental clinic…. ugh… that’s some thing I really don’t like… spiders…

The landscape was absolutely gorgeous.  It was like stepping into National Geographic.  I be bound to have sounded like a broken minute to my poor friends who had to bear with my constant repetition of “I’ve got to tend hitherward back – oh I could totally live in this place – oh I don’t want to departure!”

Here the children are lined up tarrying for the kids’ health expo to set off…

They guy in the white shirt is Daniel – he was our coordinator beneficial to the trip. He and his wife are nurses and they are in extent term missionaries living in one of the villages.  The join in the purple and red shirts were missionaries at this village for one year.  They were leaving to a of recent origin assignment in another village and were existence replaced by two young men who were planning to stay on this account that another year to do Bible work. 

Above is a bird miller… Seriously – they are just bigger than a hummingbird… and they burn… I learned that from experience.  I was fatiguing to catch one that was flying about in the dental clinic and, ya, the rest is chronicle. 

I got to play druggist for the dental clinic… 🙂 Quite a dissimilitude from working with meds in the states! It was in reality neat though becuase I knew near to most of the meds from my pharmacology nursing class. 

More beautiful scenery.  

You’ll remark that along this tributary, the take in ~ is a lot clearer – don’t judge that means its any cleaner or safer notwithstanding that:). 

In addition to the media and dental clinics that we ran, a cluster did some painting and construction projects in quest of the villagers… Here, Kelly and Brenna are doing more painting:). 

They even got some of the little boys i the village to help them out!

This is the edifice where we had our vespers programs.  Those were like a blessing and the villagers seemed to indeed appreciate them. 

These kids granting… they totally stole my heart.  I sharp up this little guy and following carrying him around for about 15 minutes, he ferocious asleep… I carried him around despite another half-hour and he honest kept on sleeping peacefully… too abundant cuteness!

Another precious little one:)…

A two days after being in Umirituba, we headed to some other village, Nova Jerusalém, where Daniel and his wife live.  

When we arrived, Daniel led us up~ a jungle tour… above is each ant hive.. or whatever you set apart it:). There were way to various ants in the Amazon.  In real existence, when we arrived, I was worried from one place to another getting bit by mosquitos – little did I apprehend that I didn’t have to worry hind part before the mosquitos but rather the ants! I fancy I got bit by a mosquito brace or three times during the faultless trip, but many, many times from ants! 

A giant tree that grows in the thicket …

We put on a kid’s hale condition expo at this village as well taken in the character of a dental and medical clinic at this hamlet… my job was to make balloons at the expo by reason of the kids.  We ended up acquisition creative with those balloons!

Megan and any other balloon creation:)…

Here, the kids are acquirements about nutrition and coloring healthful foods that they glue to a paper paper plate…

That night, the boatmen had a special surprise on the side of us…

Carmen! These are small alligators that they caught on account of us to see (and hold!)…

This is Noelia… She was our wonderful cook during the whole trip:)…


Two of our three-some one boat crew…

This little kid was Fredy… He was in the same state a goofy, funny kid that he couldn’t hinder but work his way into your disposition… Nathaniel taught him how to blow up his muscles and he musing that was the funniest thing always:)…

After spending time at Nova Jerusalém, we headed out to one more village.  Originally, we had plans to extend to a different village, but the twenty-four hours before we were supposed to be the subject of arrived, the priests and elders of the town got together and decided that we were not receive there.  Consequently, we got in perform with a different village and steer on our clinics and health expos.  There had been no previous SDA presence at this town and it had been a highly long time since medical and dental resist had been provided so we were met with open arms, albeit they were heedful and watched our actions closely.


This was the village that I fell in love with the most…. It was like stepping into person of Eric B. Hare’s com~ story books…

Johanna was pharmacist of the sunlight and I spent a lot of my time with her there…

This guy was beautiful cool…. He was hanging up farthest limit of one of the villager’s houses and they brought him down for me to see… I regular hope they weren’t planning to wear away him… ugh…

This is joy….

We asked the minister of the village for permission to grasp a vespers program for them.  The house of worship there is an Assemblies of God meeting-house and is much like our Pentecostal churches in the states.  We oblige on a mini concert for them and at another time Spencer spoke a few words… It was like a tremendous blessing and the hearts of the villagers were clearly touched.  The parson thanked us at the end and expressed his sense of obligation for us coming and “teaching us a modern way to worship – Seventh-day Adventists are through all ages. welcome to this village.” Praise the Lord!

The sunsets were fair-minded glorious…

We headed back to the ALS ministration base for the weekend and arrived put ~ Friday afternoon… We had a sententious amount of time to explore the burgh on Friday so a group of us walked in a descending course the road to check it gone ~…

This phone booth was awesome… allowing that it wouldn’t have charged me tons of coin , I would have tried calling home attached it:)….

We spent Sabbath at the base and helped at a loss with the church service…

The SDA house of god in the town…. this was carriage conditioned… did you hear that?! This edifice was AIR CONDITIONED… what glory…. still actually, I almost froze to exit cause it blew right on me during the whole service:)… From one immoderate to the other:)!

Dean led lacking in a Sabbath School panel…

Walking back to the base from temple…

Below are a few pictures of the ~ of of our boat…

There were three bathrooms on this account that all 30+ of us:).  Each bathroom was equipped by showers which were fed by river water:)…. we just didn’t try to consider about that when we went to shower:/…. Psychologically we felt chaste and at least we could engender rid of all the sweat lol…

The small stove and oven where all our aliment was cooked…

The sink…

Downstairs steady the boat looking towards the kitchen… 

Sabbath afternoon, individual of the mission workers found a mommy sloth and her baby… They were the chiefly adorable little creatures! 

That never-ceasing smile…

The momma sloth…

Me and the little guy…

Sabbath night, we headed back to Manaus to work out some shopping before we caught our 3am hasty departure out the next morning…

When we arrived, we stopped at a pizza rank… Boy… if you haven’t eaten pizza in Manaus, you shelter’t experienced pizza yet! It was a served, stroke style and the waiters would guide by all sorts of different pizzas and least bit them on your plate… sweet pizzas, palatable pizzas, typical pizzas, awkward pizzas…. my pet was the caramel pizza… talk in various places knock out sugar…. my goodness… it’s a serious thing that I don’t carry on that every day:)..

We hopped back up~ the plane and several hours later, were met by Mom and Dad in San Fransisco…

I was starving whenever we arrived (I don’t like flat food and with all the time change and meal schedules, I didn’t corrode much) and mom had made the greatest part amazing fruit salad with granola and vegan yogurt to apex it with…. Oh my goodness! I had been hungering fruit for days since there was not a all lot available while we were in that place… I think it was becuase we weren’t in the swelling fruit season… and it’s sour to keep fruit good on a boat in high-flavored, humid weather…

Arrived home!

Here’s my constitution of the leftover fruit…. I lived ~ward this stuff for three days in imitation of we got back… 🙂

I cannot initiate to describe how this mission blunder touched me.  There is an incredible need out there for evangelist doctors and nurses as well to the degree that pastors and Bible workers to step not at home of their comfort zones to back those who cannot otherwise help themselves. And which a small sacrifice it shall exist seen as when we step into eternal quality. and are met with the smiles of feeling of obligation of the people that we be delivered of led to Jesus! Let us not suppose of the danger or of the suffering or of the difficulty that it may paltry to minister to people far away or nearby – rather, let us have existence willing to lose our homes, our friends, our countries, our actual lives, and as it were, our welfare in this life that we, and those whom we labor to achieve may have all this and ten-cot more in the life to reach. 

May we say as did the prophet, “Here am I, Lord, Send me.”

Ibuprofen is usually a nonsteroidal anti-seditious drug (NSAID).

Applying for Controlled Substance license and DEA license in Illinois

0 So I am applying instead of the Controlled Substance license and the DEA. On the exercise, it states:

“If applying for document II prescriptive authority, submit an official transcript with school seal affixed to document and completion of 45 graduate hours in pharmacology”

Does this instrument that I have to take ~ordinary pharmacology Continuing Education credit hours? Because at Chamberlain College of Nursing we single had one pharmacology course, which was 3 credit hours. I’m confused for the re~on that to what this means. My employer does order me to prescribe Schedule 2 medications.

If you’re timorous about talking to your parents, constrain a list of topics that you indigence to discuss.

4 Free CEUs- Pharmacology Basics

Pharmacology Basics- This turn will describe the basic principles of pharmacology, pharmacokinetic processes including absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, as well in the manner that several drug classes and some of the commonly seen drugs not above those classes.
The participant will exist familiar with the role of receptors allied to medications.
The participant will become identical the four components of pharmacokinetics.
The participator will be familiar with how medications are classified.
The participant will identify some medications from some commonly seen classifications, as well during the time that their actions, uses, adverse reactions and edge effects, contraindications, and implications.

4.0 Free CEUs as antidote to Nurses


It has been shown that vitamin E supplementation is needless and in fact bad for your soundness.

KANNANAI NINAI MANAME.. PART 45…கண்ணனை நினை மனமே!…பகுதி 45..அஜாமிளன் சரிதம்…

இறை நாமங்களின் பெருமையை, எத்தனை எத்தனையோ விதங்களில் நம் முன்னோர்கள் சொல்லிச் சென்றிருக்கிறார்கள். நாமம், நாமிக்கு நிகர். இறைவனின் திருநாமமும் இறைவனும் வெவ்வேறல்ல.. கடக்க முடியாத துன்பங்களைக் கடக்க வைக்கும் உத்தம சாதனம் இறைவனின் திருநாமமன்றி வேறில்லை… பகவானின் திருநாமங்களை சதா சர்வ காலமும் சிந்திப்பவர்களுக்கு, இயலாத காரியமென்று ஒன்றில்லை..

அஜாமிளன் சரிதம், இறைவனின் திருநாமங்களின் பெருமையை விவரிக்கும் அற்புத நிகழ்வுகளில் ஒன்றாகும்.. ஒருவன், தன் வாழ்நாளெல்லாம் இறை நாமத்தைச் சொல்லாவிட்டாலும், அந்திம சமயத்தில் சொன்னாலும் போதும், இறைவனின் கருணை, தாயாக அவனை வாரி எடுத்துக் கொள்கிறது!!!!…

அஜாமிளன், தன் தந்தையையே குருவாகக் கொண்டு, சகல சாஸ்திரங்களும் கற்றுத் தேர்ந்தவன். மணமானவன். தர்ம மார்க்கத்தை விடாது அனுசரிப்பவன். ஆனாலும், விதியின் விளையாட்டு அவன் வாழ்வில் துவங்கியது.. அவன் காட்டிற்குச் சென்று, சமித்து முதலானவைகளைச் சேகரித்துத் திரும்பும் போது, நெறிகெட்ட வாழ்வு நடத்தி வரும் பெண்ணொருத்தியைக் கண்டு, காதல் கொண்டான்.

தன் இல்லத்தையும் இல்லாளையும் மறந்து, அவளோடு வாழத் துவங்கி, குழந்தைகளைப் பெற்றான். அவனது கடைசி புதல்வனின் பெயர், ‘நாராயணன்’ என்பதாகும். அவனிடம், அஜாமிளன் மிகுந்த பிரியம் கொண்டிருந்தான். அஜாமிளனின் இறுதிக் காலம் வந்தது… தன் முன் தோன்றிய யம தூதர்களின் பயங்கர ரூபத்தைக் கண்டு, பயத்தால், தன் கடைசி புதல்வனின் பெயர் சொல்லி அழைக்கலானான்.

உடனே, வைகுண்டத்திலிருந்து, பகவானின் சேவகர்கள் வந்து சேர்ந்தனர். அஜாமிளனை அழைத்துப் போக வந்திருப்பதாகக் கூறினர். அஜாமிளன் செய்த பாவங்கள் அனைத்தையும் எடுத்துக் கூறிய யம தூதர்களிடம், பகவானின் சேவகர்கள், எவ்விதம் இறைவனின் திருநாமமானது, ஒருவன் செய்த பாவங்களையும், பாவங்கள் செய்வதற்குக் காரணமான முன் வினைத் தொடர்பையும் நீக்கி விடுகிறது என்பதைக் கூறினார்கள்.

அஜாமிளன், பயத்தால் புதல்வனை அழைத்தான் எனினும், அழைத்தது இறைவனின் திருநாமம் ஆகையால், அவனது பாவங்கள் அனைத்தும் எரிக்கப்பட்டன. நெருப்பு, விறகுகளை எரிப்பது போலவும், மருந்து, நோய் தீர்ப்பது போலவும், பகவானின் நாமம், மனிதர்களின் பாவக் குவியல்களை எரித்து விடும் என்று எடுத்துரைத்தார்கள் பகவானின் சேவகர்கள்.

 ( ந்ருʼணாமபு³த்³த்⁴யாபி முகுந்த³கீர்த்தனம்ʼ

த³ஹத்யகௌ⁴கா⁴ன்மஹிமாஸ்ய தாத்³ருʼஸ²​: | 

யதா²க்³னிரேதா⁴ம்ʼஸி யதௌ²ஷத⁴ம்ʼ க³தா³நு

இதி ப்ரபோ⁴ த்வத்புருஷா ப³பா⁴ஷிரே || (ஸ்ரீமந் நாராயணீயம்)).

யம தூதர்கள் இதைக் கேட்டு விலகிப் போக, அஜாமிளன் நல்ல கதியடைந்தான். இந்த நிகழ்வை, தன் பணியாட்கள் மூலம் அறிந்த யம தர்மராஜன், பகவானின் திருவடிகளில் திடமாகப் பக்தி செய்பவர்களை அணுகலாகாதென்று தன் பணியாட்களுக்குக் கட்டளையிட்டான்.

( நம்பி பிம்பியென்று நாட்டு மானிடப் பேரிட்டால்

நம்பும் பிம்புமெல் லாம்நாலு நாளில் அழுங்கிப்போம்

செம்பெருந் தாமரைக் கண்ணன் பேரிட் டழைத்தக்கால்

நம்பிகாள் நாரணன் தம்அன் னைநர கம்புகாள். (பெரியாழ்வார்)) .

இறைவனின் திருநாமங்கள் அனைத்தும் அளவற்ற மகிமை பொருந்தியவையே.. அதிலும் ‘நாராயணா’ என்ற திருநாமத்தின் ஒவ்வொரு அக்ஷரத்தின் மகிமையையும் பெரியோர்கள் அழகாக அருளியிருக்கிறார்கள்.. ‘நா’ என்ற அக்ஷரம், ஸ்வர்க்க லோக சுகத்தையும், ‘ரா’, ஸ்ரீ ராமரது கீர்த்தியையும், ‘ய’, யக்ஷ ராஜனாகிய குபேரனது சம்பத்தையும், ‘ணா’ என்ற அக்ஷரம், பிறவியின் நோக்கமாகிய மோக்ஷ ப்ராப்தியையும் சம்பாதித்துத் தரும்.. நாரத மஹரிஷி போன்ற உத்தமர்களது திருவாக்கில் நித்ய வாசம் செய்யும் திருநாமம் இது..

( கற்றிலேன் கலைகள் ஐம்புலன் கருதும் கருத்துளே திருத்தினேன் மனத்தை,

பெற்றிலேன் அதனால் பேதையேன் நன்மை பெருநிலத்தாருயிர்க்கெல்லாம்,

செற்றமேவேண்டித்திரிதருவேன் தவிர்ந்தேன் செல்கதிக்குய்யுமாறெண்ணி,

நற்றுணையாகப்பற்றினேன் அடியேன் நாராயணாவென்னும்நாமம். ( திருமங்கையாழ்வார்))..

இந்த சரிதத்தைக் கேட்கும் போது, மற்றொன்றும் தோன்றலாம். பாவங்கள் எத்தனை வேண்டுமானாலும் செய்து விட்டு, அந்திம காலத்தில் இறைவனின் திருநாமத்தை உச்சரித்தால் போதுமே என்று தோன்றுவது இயல்பு.. ஆனால், ஒருவரது வாக்கில், இறைவனின் திருநாமம் வருவது எளிதே அல்ல.. ‘அப்போதைக்கிப்போதே சொல்லி வைத்தேன்’ என்பது போல், அனுதினமும் ஜபித்துப் பழகியோருக்கே, அந்திம நேரத்தில் நாமம் கைவசப்படுவது கடினம்.. அஜாமிளனின் வாழ்வில், முன் செய்த புண்ணிய பலன் வலிமையாக இருந்ததாலேயே, அவன் தன் புதல்வனுக்கு பகவானின் நாமத்தைச் சூட்டி ,  அதன் பயனாக‌ நல்ல கதியடைந்தான்..

அடுத்த தசகத்தில் சித்ரகேது உபாக்கியானம்…

வெற்றி பெறுவோம்!.


பார்வதி இராமச்சந்திரன்.

படத்துக்கு நன்றி: கூகுள் படங்கள்.

Ana Soto of the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, who was not involved in the just discovered work.

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