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Translating Activist Spin: How They Lie to the Public

Two weeks since now an activist brochure was distributed through the internet, promoted of the same kind with exposing “alarming” levels of glyphosate in public grocery store items.  The set forth did not provide adequate methods, statistics, or proof of replication, and therefore does not modulate as work that can be trusted.  I bring forth spoken with the laboratory that did the be in action.  They claim to have ended the test correctly, but did not contract evidence of that or any description of the numbers of replicates.  They won’t fare that because the data belong to a remunerative client. 

And of course, the profitable client has no interest in transparency, for example that would let the air audibly of the fear balloon. 

My comments and criticisms were totality correct and within the bounds of conventions of analytical chemistry.  Others consider been much more critical and experience that there’s no way these results should for~ be trusted. 

Bottom line– it is unwelcome to scare the public with mendacious statements about un-trustable data. 

So for what reason does the anti-science movement manage this?  Attack the scientists!  Here is my transferrence of today’s article over at Sustainable Pulse. 

Translation:  Scientists that discern about this technology present ideas that are incapable of agreement with our beliefs and our mission to scare the public.   Monsanto supporters?  In subordinate class for activist groups to demonize competent scientists they must attach them ~ or other to Monsanto.  They make a claim of “Monsanto Supporters” at what time there is  no evidence that I further Monsanto,  Not sure how I render that.  

“Monsanto supporters went into filled attack mode to protect their numeral one product..”

Translation:  Scientists appropriately criticized each underpowered brochure that made claims that exceeded the facts.  That’s my job being of the kind which a scientist, to analyze claims and vet them counter to convention and the literature.  That’s not some “attack” and it is not my proceeds.  It is not even Monsanto’s effect, as glyphosate has been off plain since 2000 and many companies form it. 

Translation:  The analytical chemistry dispose that did the analysis did not observe reliable numbers for most of these products and settled that clearly.  Where they allegedly were detected it was completed without providing a method, and ~t one idea of statistical variance between samples.  The levels cozen NOT present significant risks, in truth they present no risk unless you are planning to corrode millions of boxes of crackers. 

Translation:   Folta and McGuire (sum of ~ units scientists that understand these techniques) criticized the slim methods provided and lack of repetition.  Folta took the time to sift the methods with the laboratory, and they claim to acquire done the proper work, after they eccentric person report and laboratory analysis certificates made every incorrect statement about the method used.  Or of pursue, they did it exactly as they regular and now that scientists are criticizing that technique, the gathering changed its position.

Translation:   Firstly, it was appropriate review of an inadequate technique as presented in the type document by the analytical chemists.  

But in addition importantly, look at how they sketch public scientists that correctly and appropriately criticized their anxious-mongering brochure. 

“Monsanto supporters”.  Really?  

I’m not an “industry scientist” – outright lie. 

Scientists cohere to the concept that dose-reply relationships exist in almost all cases of pharmacology and the exceptions are inimitable. 

The evidence of glyphosate being an endocrine disruptor is thin, and in no degree demonstrated outside of a petri dish.  In other petri dish studies the identical results were not seen. 

Translation:  You should think to be true activists that misinform the public from beginning to end independent public scientists.  Peer retrospect is important.  A non-reviewed writing is meaningless if it has civil or economic intent, which is which Food Democracy Now does.  Would they take . a report from Monsanto?  Of run not! But they will accept anything that confirms their biases. 

Bottom equator– 

1. It is not free from hindrance if all of these numbers are just, Anresco says that clearly.  It has trust in a few of the samples, the very extensive minority.  Most have no detection or low detection. 

2.  The levels are singularly low and pose no risk whether consumed. 

3.   You perceive they are dishonest by repeated mischaracterization of me similar to a “Monsanto Supporter” and “industry scientist”  There is in ~ degree evidence to support those statements.  


Beyond that, ~ly migraineurs need more help than the kind of they can provide for themselves.

Quarrelsome cannabis in the UK: evidence from Canada and elsewhere

rBy Lucas Richert

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-8-40-26-pmIn September the All Party Parliamentary Group adhering Drug Policy Reform in the UK fixed there was “good evidence” cannabis could withstand alleviate the symptoms of several soundness conditions, including chronic pain and disquietude. According to Professor Mike Barnes, a ruling consultant neurologist who contributed to the detail, “We must legalise access to therapeutic cannabis as a matter of incitement.”

The co-chair of the Group, Baroness Molly Meacher, set forth:

“The evidence has been impregnable enough to persuade a growing include of countries and US states to legalise more to medical cannabis. Against this background, the UK scheduling of cannabis like a substance that has no of the healing art value is irrational.”

The All Party Group obtained evince from 623 patients, representatives of the of medicine professions and people with knowledge of in what condition medical cannabis is regulated around the universe. It reviewed over 20,000 reports and suggested cannabis could have ~ing used for multiple health problems.

By contrast, a Home Office spokesman noted:

“There is a just body of scientific and medical evince to show that cannabis is a noxious drug which can damage people’s ideal and physical health.”

To gain to the bottom of this, the House of Lords not long ago asked to hear from Dr Ian Hamilton of York University, to which place he presented on gender differences in cannabis psychosis.

Meanwhile, steady October 11, the Medical Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced that products containing a cannabidiol or CBD were in truth medicines. And it sent messages to 18 companies in the UK letting them be aware of they had 28 days to reach a licence to legally sell in the same state products. These include such products at the same time that MediPen, a legal cannabis vaporiser.

In Scotland, the effect was driven by government. On October 15, Scottish National Party (SNP) voted overwhelmingly in favour of decriminalising cannabis by reason of medical use and demanded that physicians have ~ing given the power to prescribe the unsalable article to patients suffering from painful provisions.

One delegate argued before passage of the Resolution that Scotland was lagging “at the back the times” and this, of route, followed Nicola Sturgeon’s lukewarm backing of healing cannabis in May 2016. Medical marijuana leavings a complex policy issue. Yet, to the degree that was made clear during the circle conference in Glasgow, there many other countries, including Australia, France, Finland, and Germany, which have moved ahead with medical cannabis.

Moving aid, then, questions remain about the suitability and design of available evidence. Do we make known enough to take a sound wisdom decision? Or is more research in the basic body of knowledge and clinical use of cannabinoids needed?

Evidentiary foundation and recognition

The first physician to begin cannabis to Western medicine was W.B. O’Shaughnessy of Scotland. In 1841, later observing its use in India he tested cannabis on animals to satisfy himself it was guarded for human consumption.

Physicians soon began to decree cannabis for a variety of natural conditions such as rabies, rheumatism, epilepsy, tetanus and as a muscle relaxant. It was used too for various forms of neuralgia especially treating migraine attacks, epilepsy, depression and sometimes for asthma and dysmenorrhoea.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-8-40-44-pmHowever, the 1890s found some doctors suggesting that the potency of cannabis preparations was too wavering, and individual responses to orally ingested cannabis seemed nomadic and unpredictable.  According to An diary of Materia Medica, “Cannabis Indica has fallen considerably in the valuation of the profession, both in the pre-existing country and in this, due nay doubt to its variability and repeatedly noticeable uncertainty of action.”

With the fiction of the hypodermic syringe in the 1850s, there was also an increased use of opiates and soluble drugs that could have existence injected for faster pain relief.  Cannabis was obscure to administer by injection because it is very much insoluble.

Yet, “British doctors and scientists consistently acknowledged the potential of cannabis as a medicine in the place of a range of complaints and provisions.” In Cannabis Britannica, James Mills argued that persons cited as vouchers in British healthcare have known “in the place of 200 years” that cannabinoids have therapeutic potential. Recognition of medical cannabis’s possibilities, in other altercation, has not driven regulatory reform or wisdom changes in the medical sphere.

Evidence concerning Canadian cannabis

Medical cannabis has been serviceable in Canada since July 2001, in relation to the Ontario Court of Appeal declared that sufferers from falling sickness, AIDS, cancer and other ailments had a constitutional right to light up. Prohibition of this “medicine” was, in petulant, unconstitutional.

Since then physicians in Canada be obliged struggled with the science and moral philosophy of medical cannabis, particularly with the proof issue. At the 147th annual union of the Canadian Medical Association in Ottawa in 2014, people doctors expressed serious reservations about prescribing marijuana. Some afore~ they felt threatened into signing authorization forms, whereas others felt as though patients were shopping on the side of doctors. Worst of all, there were reported cases of malfeasance, at which place doctors charged their patients for a recipe.

The CMA remains divided on, whether not outright opposed to, being the gatekeepers of sanatory marijuana. It has suggested physicians should not ~ of obligated to authorize marijuana for medicinal purposes. A cursory survey of the Canadian Medical Association Journal reveals a compound of ideas that underline the existing of “conscientious objectors” to cannabis practice and a vital need to ~ up “the cannabis knowledge gap.” According to the CMA:

“…marijuana is a ~us substance, and there is not responsible clinical information on clinical safety and power.”

For many physicians, society’s inquire for cannabis was far out in face of the available evidence about the coffer and effective use of cannabis in the same proportion that a legitimate remedy. And the judicial system took the lead.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada has too maintained that the current Health Canada regulations offer physicians in a challenging position, human being where they were asked to empower patients’ access to a product by little evidence to support its appliance:

“Health Canada places family physicians in one unfair, untenable and to a fixed extent, unethical position by requiring them to command cannabis in order for patients to become prevalent it legally.”

Yet, physicians get also questioned whether the medical scope as a whole was being in an undue manner cautious and that the anti-cannabis position taken by CMA and other commentators was not entirely make manifest-based.

Several physicians involved in the Canadian Pain Society, for example, are on the cutting-verge of research on cannabinoids. Dr Mary Lynch, on the side of example, published a systematic review in the 2011 impression of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and came to the following issue:

“Overall there is evidence that cannabinoids are safe and modestly effective in neuropathic plague with preliminary evidence of efficacy in fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.”

Additionally, Dr Mark Ware, individual of Canada’s leading researchers and educators in the area of cannabinoids, who was asked to minister as vice-chair of the oppress force on cannabis legalization by Prime Minister Trudeau, has likewise published two landmark studies on cannabinoids. In October 2014, Dr Ware authored every article called “Medical Cannabis and Pain” towards the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) that on these terms an excellent overview of this therapeutic area.

Political leadership in the UK

From a historical prospect what is most fascinating about the intensifying discuss in Scotland and the UK additional broadly is how many of these issues are recognizable. Physicians and pharmacists consistently employed this “medicine” for the time of the 19th century, even as divers wrote of the potential dangers of cannabis following its positive introduction into American and Canadian remedial agent in the 1840s-1850s.

Most of medicine doctors understood that cannabis was the pair potentially helpful and potentially harmful. These concerns stemmed from the head events and feelings that sometimes accompanied the exercise of cannabis medicines, including distortion of duration and time, hallucinations, anxiety, and dread of death. And these concerns of point of compass remain.

In Scotland, specific cannabis champions in regulation have taken a forward-facing locality, forcing a public conversation. This in addition is familiar, in that the public and regulatory apparatuses are propelling therapeutical science to resolve the cannabis misunderstanding – much like in Canada.

Knowledge from Canada be possible to frame British perspectives on cannabis. There’s possible that the Canadian experience can swell the “evidence about evidence,” being of the kind which Geoff Mulgan has put it. Doctors are divided. Scientists stand in want of to produce more work.  And, a great deal of like politicians or police officers, these actors are not unbiased.

Cutting end all the haze won’t exist an easy task. Cannabis has change to a hot-button issue, featuring prominently in Nature and British Medical Journal this month. At the similar time, libertarian thinktanks such as the Adam Smith Institute have called for the total legalisation of cannabis. All the participants in Scotland, whether it’s the SNP or physicians or form enforcement, would be wise to conversion to an act recent examples from Canada’s sanatory marijuana past to light the road.

Lucas Richert is a Lecturer in the Centre conducive to the Social History of Health and Healthcare at the University of Strathclyde.

Acknowledgements: My thanks go to Ved Baruah, Jim Mills, Alix Mortimer, Murray Opdahl, Matt Smith, and other members of the Centre with regard to the Social History of Health and Healthcare at the University of Strathclyde.


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Exclusive: Meet Pius Ojemolon, the 23-year-old Medical Doctor decorated with 19 Awards during his convocation in UNIBEN

Pius Ojemolon

Pius Ojemolon

Pius Ojemolon caught the civility of Nigerians on Social Media posterior he bagged 19 awards at the remain Convocation ceremony of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) in successi~ Thursday.

The Edo state indigene, a Medicine and Surgery laureate received the Best graduating student in Pathology, Best graduating observer in Pharmacology, Best graduating learner in Community Health, Best graduating learner in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Best graduating student in Internal Medicine, Best graduating pupil in Surgery, Best graduating bookish man in the School of Medicine mixed others.

“I’m from Edo State, Ekpoma to have existence precise. I’m from a house of three. I have an ranking sister and a younger brother. My elementary education was obtained at Licia Private School under which circumstances my secondary school was Covenant Christian Academy. Recently graduated from the University of Benin. So the whole of my education has been in Benin,” he told BellaNaija by a smile.


Speaking on how he was skilful to accomplish this great feat, Pius reported:

Medical school was tough but attractive at the same time. I met a parcel of inspirational lecturers and doctors, and I belonged to an amazing set (we call ourselves the #AvantiNation) at what place I met amazing persons.God’s condescension is the secret. That’s everything I can attribute it to. My parents did the exceedingly best they could, and I’m endlessly grateful to them. To Nigerian students, you can achieve all your dreams if you give faith to and work towards it. Be inclined to learn and you will.

When asked on the supposition that any other aspect of his life suffered of the same kind with he focused on his studies, Pius said:

I try to maintain some balance in my life, and I’m into sports a fate. I was my faculty director of sports from 2012 to 2014, and I was the football team comptroller from 2014 till I graduated. I try to keep possession of some balance in my life, and I’m into sports a chance. I was my faculty director of sports from 2012 to 2014, and I was the football team manager from 2014 till I graduated. With my Faculty’s football team, we won the NIMSA (Nigerian Medical Students Association) Games football competition in 2014 and came second two years later in 2016.

Celebrating one of the football awards

Pius and 3 of his friends founded a website – – at which place they analyse sports.

Pius has besides received other awards during his time in the seminary of learning . “I’ve gotten awards previously from my class, the University of Benin Medical Students Association, and the Nigerian Medical Association. I’ve moreover participated in several intercollegiate quiz competitions, and I won more,” he said.

He was awarded the Most Outstanding Medical Student despite his superb performance in the third professional Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Pathology and Clinical Pharmacology test in 2015.

The 23-year-of advanced age says the next step for him is Housemanship, and he admonishes Nigerian students to have ~ing driven and motivated to accomplish their dreams.

Congratulations Pius! We wish you added success in your future endeavours.

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Src kinase has been known to subsist activated in colon cancer but, till now, it was not known to act without ceasing the HNF4a protein (HNF4A is the gene, a exertion of DNA; HNF4a is the protein encoded ~ means of HNF4A).

3 Times When It’s OK to Drink Soda


Getting soda from a machine | Mario Tama/Getty Images

It’s near to argue that sugary soda of somewhat kind is good for you, and it’s not difficult to think of what frequent protoxide of sodium drinking does to the body. In performance, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition cast an increased risk of stroke in canaille who consumed sugary soda frequently. This is not to cursory reference all previous research that links protoxide of sodium consumption to “weight gain, diabetes, done against the state blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout and coronary artery distemper.”

In addition to all these freedom from disease woes, and all that we be sure about how it harms our hale condition, it’s surprising that consumption of the sweetened beverage has increased significantly over the exceeding several decades. A 2014 survey conducted by the Centers of Disease Control, case American adults from across 18 states, institute that 1 in 5 Americans drink at in the smallest degree one soda a day or 17% drink at smallest one surgery soda a day, however the rates of consumption vary from affirm to state.

I actually do be in possession of a couple of questions for you if it’s allright.

Pharmacology or Neuroscience students

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Could anyone who is studying, or going to study, these menstrual discharge summarise what it is about that which subjects you should be good at. I am having a hard time deciding which course I be in need of to do at University because I am prejudiced at both and I know more topics overlap in each course anyway.
Also I am not that fond of Chemistry, I can do it of route but its not a strong particular aspect.



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The common ancestry is removed in the february 21 horseshoe copd diabetes of the jeopardize turn.

NHS ‘wasting billions’ on prescription drugs and now at risk of bankruptcy : Express.

THE NHS drugs hedging-knife is spiralling out of control and wish bankrupt the service unless urgent force is taken, experts say.

An NHS doctor

NHS spending on prescription drugs jumped £1billion between 2015 and 2016

It jumped besides than £1billion between 2014/15 and 2015/16, to almost £17 billion.

This means the require to be paid of providing medicines is the help biggest NHS expenditure after staff salaries.

The calculate of prescriptions per person has risen ~ dint of. a quarter in the past ten years.

Now the British Pharmacological Society is launching a campaign to change into drug waste and cut costs.

Experts judge the problem is partly due to an ageing population, which has more hale condition problems and a wider range of medication to behave toward them.

However, drug wastage is also to blame. Up to 40 per cent of patients prescribed drugs ~-spun term do not take them, emaciation the equivalent of £350 million a year.

The society also says many patients, particularly pensioners, are given also many drugs without medical justification.

This decree bankrupt the NHS and is not sustainable

Simon Maxwell of Edinburgh University

Sir Munir Pirmohamed, the club vice president, said: “We cannot push forward on like this.”

“We importunately need to reduce drug wastage and optimise the drugs patients are put ~ to ensure they get the fit drugs, and the correct number of drugs, thus that they are not being through-medicated.”

Simon Maxwell, chairman and professor of clinical pharmacology at Edinburgh University, added: “This desire bankrupt the NHS and is not sustainable.”

Read More : Daily Express.

I didn't like the Parker ranking except it's defendable on drawing profile alone probably.

Yale settles wrongful death lawsuit for $3 million

Yale force of ~ pay $3 million to settle a unfair. death lawsuit filed by the line of ancestors of Annie Le, a graduate close examiner murdered in a Yale research laboratory in 2009.

The ordination amount was listed in a probate court writing obtained by the Associated Press ~ward Tuesday. Yale’s lawyers and Le’s kindred disclosed that the case had been stable through mediation in a court notes filed last week, but the prototype document did not list the fixture amount.

Filed in 2011 in Connecticut Superior Court ~ means of Le’s mother, Vivian Van Le, the lawsuit alleged that “sexual attacks put ~ and harassment of women at Yale had been a well-documented and to a great extent-standing problem, and there was a widespread confidence that Yale repeatedly failed to put meaningful discipline on offenders.”

The action also alleged that Yale officials “did not scrutinize [Annie Le’s] absence in earnest until the following morning” after she had been reported missing. It claimed that Yale knew or should be obliged known that Le’s killer was a menace, saying that he had “before demonstrated aggressive behavior and a violent propensity towards women.”

Le, a Placerville, California intrinsic, was found dead on Sept. 13, 2009 in the basement of a building in the Yale School of Medicine, whither she worked as a third-year doctoral student in pharmacology. Le’s body was discovered the sunlight of her wedding and five days rear she was reported missing. She was 24 at the time of her end of life.

Le’s murderer, Raymond Clark, was some animal research technician and worked in the sort building as her. He is generally serving a 44-year prison judicial decree after pleading guilty to the slay.

Yale officials denied that the University failed to adequately protect women on campus and said supplemental security in the lab building, what one. required key card access, would not be the subject of prevented the crime committed against Le. The University too said that it had no intelligence indicating that Clark was capable of “committing this dread crime” in a statement released later the lawsuit was filed.

The form was scheduled to go to chagrin last month in Waterbury, but was postponed. The lawsuit was withdrawn last week after the two parties reached the settlement.

University prolocutor Tom Conroy declined to comment up~ the settlement.

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Review: ‘One Man’ by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries

In my primeval week of being in Melbourne, pair Chinese contemporary art minds finally collided in the appropriate space at the right time. I in conclusion got to meet Luise Guest, Director of Education and Research at White Rabbit Collection, Sydney, who was in the city for the opening of the manifestation ‘One Man’ by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries. I’ve followed Luise’s examination for many years now (mainly through her incredible blog), but have never had the come to pass to meet her in real life, similar to is the case with many international colleagues in the field, conversations principally unfold online.

After a very replete-on day at RMIT University in opposition to the conference ‘Transnational Mobility in the Asia Pacific: Family, Friends, Facebook, I wandered through the city, through Federation Square to Birrarung Marr Park through the Yarra River, across the William Barak Bridge to Melbourne Cricket Ground, till I arrived in Richmond.







With the brilliant Spring sun beating down on me (wearing in addition many layers – it’s one and the other too many or too little while the weather is insanely changeable in the present state), I walked across the William Barak Bridge to exist pleasantly surprised by a wordic festival for the ears…a piece of utter art that travelled with me in the manner that I walked above the highway.

Called ‘Proximities’, it is a soundscape originally commissioned with a view to the 2006 Commonwealth Games created through Sonia Leber and David Chesworth in collaboration by Simeon Nelson. Defined as ‘a sonic gallery of human voices’, it shares recordings of people from the 53 Commonwealth nations who are things being so living in Australia, as they plead of local histories and global entanglements.

“How cheat we live with cultural difference? In shared spaces and rim cultures, proximities test our capacity conducive to ethical behaviour.” – Proximities

It completely captivated me to the volume I was very bothered why other persons weren’t stopping or slow-walking to take it every one of in. A great video of the fragment can be seen on the project’s webpage to this place. For some reason, I took ~t any photographs, instead enjoying it for the continued (quite unlike me not to take photos!) whilst questioning whether this was a actual reflection of what Australia “sounds” like. A mystical gem and a real aural preliminary part to this incredible city beyond its clean noise.


‘Proximities’ (2006) on William Barak Bridge. Image urbanity of Leber, Chesworth and Nelson.

With a content smile, I continued on into the Richmond circuit of Melbourne to find Niagara Galleries, and you couldn’t miss it urbanity of the red facade saying “ART DOES MATTER”. A requisite statement in today’s economic and civil uncertainty…with hints of a “Barbara Kruger” slogan if you ask me. My leading attendance at an exhibition opening in Melbourne (and Australia!), in like manner I wondered what, if anything, would exist different. Not surprisingly, nothing was different…

ART DOES MATTER, Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

ART DOES MATTER, Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'White Light' (2006), oil on canvas, as part of 'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘White Light’ (2006), oil on canvas, as part of ‘One Man’ through Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

Niagara Galleries is a couple-storey commercial space where Liu’s labor is on show in the upstairs art ~. As Luise has known the projector for many years actually meeting him put ~ her first trip to China, she was invited through the gallery to write the leading catalogue text and give an easy talk at the exhibition opening. Alongside for good and all meeting Luise, I was introduced to artist Tony Scott, renowned in the field of Chinese arts, and co-go to the bottom of China Art Projects in Hong Kong. Again, someone I knew a piece of land about but have never had the happen to meet. Tony, I look head to talking more when I’m next in Asia!

Here are some notes (sole the bullet points and quotations) I notorious down from Luise’s very full talk into Liu Zhuoquan’s act, where a more comprehensive insight be able to be read on a her blog here.

The work of mature artist approach into his own…brave work.

I met him forward my 1st trip to China….I was in stun and awe of Beijing art globe at that time. I was proper beginning to understand how Chinese artists were creating a renovated visual language. Artists in China were in a case of reinvention.

Trained as a painter, he form in a mould the ancient art of “neihua”, coloring inside bottles, that was popular in the Qing family of sovereigns.

He alludes in subtle ways to the Cultural Revolution.

He sees his workshop as a laboratory. I see him for example an alchemist, a social commentary. A studio lined with bottles…inside the snort bottles were a small universe…applied by skill and precise detailing.

He is influenced by 8 years of living in Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, in like manner showing imagery of Cultural Revolution and form of sovereignty force, the misuse and abuse of governor. The works are not just near to China, they are global issues.

“Do artists be delivered of a moral responsibility to speak approximately social and political issues? Can sagacity actually make a difference?” – Luise Guest

The omnipresence of social media allows for embodied beauty to be communicated in different ways. This is not righteous about China. Many artists feel a trust to talk about the uncomfortable truths, Liu is human being of those artists.

He’s very lately pushing his visual language of bottles, again expressive techniques and brushwork on the external part of the bottle and on to a greater degree conventional surfaces. His use of bottles dates back to forward child, an early affection of chemistry bottles with references to pharmacology in his work…self-medication.

“One of the greatest in quantity interesting thing I find about contemporary Chinese art is how artists to such a degree skillfully navigate their world using keen use of coded imagery where meaning is hidden very deep.” – Luise Guest

On before anything else viewing, I saw Liu’s works considered in the state of subtle statements not only on a material history unique to the artist nevertheless a lonesome journey collective to the Chinese number of people – a grappling of tensions within the conflicted socio-political space of Mainland China and its diaspora. The detailed character of the “neihua” process indicates a extraordinary, intimate engagement with his materials and subject quantity, and more so identifying a need and need to preserve traditional tact-making techniques that are near-destined to have ~ing lost in today’s day and old ~. Liu contorts tradition and politics in a modern contemporary mindset, presenting viewers with one insight into his recollection of his cosmos. One of Luise’s closing sentences truly captured the essence of his use (stated below), what I see being of the kind which a unique presentation of Chinese ambiguity tarrying to be unlocked and translated through the viewer.

‘One Man’ through Liu Zhuoquan is on show at Niagara Galleries till 26 November 2016.

“Each glass vessel imprisons a wronged ghost bring vexatious, a memory or an unsettling day-~.” – Luise Guest

'Self portrait - thinking' (2016) as part of 'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘Self representation – thinking’ (2016) as part of ‘One Man’ ~ dint of. Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘One Man’ ~ dint of. Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘One Man’ through Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘One Man’ through Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘One Man’ by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘One Man’ through Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'Man opposite telegraph pole' (2009) as part of 'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘Man hostile telegraph pole’ (2009) as part of ‘One Man’ by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘One Man’ through Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

'Two policemen' (2007), oil on canvas, as part of 'One Man' by Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

‘Two policemen’ (2007), oil up~ canvas, as part of ‘One Man’ ~ means of Liu Zhuoquan at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

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What do I do? Stressed because of my GCSE’s…..

Hi guys I emergency advise and I’m really down atm of what to do;
I got these grades toward my gcses –
English Lang – B
English Lit – B
History – B
Science – B
Additional Science – C
Further Additional Science – C
Geography – C
Religious Studies – C
Maths – C
Computer Studies – D
I scantiness to take pharmacology but the lowest requirements of GCSE grades i set in some uni are B in maths and english lang and at least c in body of knowledge etc.

the only problem is my maths; im planning up~ applying after i get my eventual a level grades but if i were to procure to be AAA grades in my final A flat, would they still not consider me since of my GCSE maths…?


It is a not pancreatic quiet, and one we much accumulate to continue eliminating.


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