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Sow your gold….alchemy and gardening

Alchemical Garden

Depth psychologists dispose excited about alchemy. Alchemy as we know it tends to be about metal moving – we are familiar with medieval European alchemists who sought to vicissitude lead to gold. Twentieth century psychotherapist Carl Jung was especially fascinated by the work of these men and women, and he saw in their endeavours not just attempts at self-adornment, but a grand metaphor for psychological metamorphosis – the movement of the mind from the ‘lead’ of simplicity to the ‘gold’ of wholeness.

Traditionally art has not just drawn on metallurgy during its language, but also on the kindred transformational fields of perfumery, pharmacology, dyeing of woven fabric, and embalming the dead (alchemy has its roots in Egypt in what place the science of embalming has been in like manner extraordianrily practiced). James Hillman in his amazing book ‘Alchemical Psychology’ also mentions food preparation as being a source of alchemical similitude and language. He explores the…

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What you fit must know about it really is that it makes conversion to an act of floor workouts that concentrate steady utilizing your body weight.

The “Natural” Nonsense that is Applied Zoopharmacognosy

A not many years ago, I wrote about each interesting phenomenon called zoopharmacognosy. The exemplar is that animals might select especial plants or other substances to erode that would have therapeutic effects. An precedent might be an herbivore with a weighty parasite load eating a plant it doesn’t normally employment as food but which happens to abate the number of those parasites. It’s a popular idea among proponents of herbal remedial agent and folks who think the expression. “natural” is a meaningful control to effective medical treatment because it reinforces their existing beliefs. However, the matter of fact is a lot more complicated than in the same state people seem able to admit.

There is more evidence that animals in the visionary sometimes select plants to eat that force have health benefits. The best prove comes from insects and other collection with short generation times that bring out large numbers of young and acquire rather simple, predominantly genetically determined carriage. Evolution can quickly select for changes in carriage that have a selective advantage in of that kind species because small changes can quickly spread if they give even a niggard advantage to a few individuals, and manner is not very flexible or tangle and so can be altered through small genetic changes.

There is abundant less reason to think zoopharmacognosy is a used by all or effective behavior found in greater degree of complex species, such as mammals. Most of the claims during the term of this are simply uncontrolled observations by lots of assumptions and bias built in. And proponents of this form generally ignore the fact that the availability of potentially healing plants is unpredictable, their composition and furniture vary from plant to plant, territory to region, and year to year, that we don’t be delivered of actual evidence for the real worth of most plants considered “medicinal” through various folk medicine traditions, and ultimately that wild animals poison themselves or ingest non-rations objects with deleterious consequences, which argues to counterbalance a strong and reliable intuition all over what is healthful.

Nevertheless, it should come as no surprise that not barely do some alternative medicine proponents claim that zoopharmacognosy is every established and widespread phenomenon, rather than ~y interesting and largely unproven idea, they besides use it to validate other ideas that are proper as unproven and often even smaller quantity plausible. Sadly, some even manage to make improvement from selling the idea, and a throng of bogus remedies based on it, to indulge owners. One such person is Caroline Ingraham, the owner of the grandly named Ingraham Academy of Applied Zoopharmacognosy.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy?
Somehow, Ms. Ingraham has created an apparently successful business selling the creative that your pet somehow knows which “natural medicine” they need concerning any illness and that she have power to teach you how to figure exhausted which remedy your pet wants you to bestow him or her. According to her legation statement:

The Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy, headed ~ the agency of the founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy Caroline Ingraham, promotes self-medication for example a necessary component of domestic beast health and trains individuals in in what plight to enable and recognize self-medicative behaviour in animals.

Since  it is not at all clear that zoopharmacognosy is a absolute or significant phenomenon among wild or family animals, claiming to teach people how to take advantage of it in the same manner with a “necessary” part of their animals’ care is to a great extent a stretch.

Who is Caroline Ingraham?
Ms. Ingraham does not furnish a great deal of information concerning her background on her web locality. While I think her claims should stand (or more likely fall) on the basis of the manifest rather than her credentials, I purpose it fair to ask whether she has at all formal scientific training experience that puissance explain how she came to cause to grow this questionable approach to veterinary medicament.  Unfortunately, all that is to be turned to account on her web site is this:

Caroline Ingraham founded Applied Zoopharmacognosy and is the capital expert in this field of created being self-medication…. Caroline has featured in ~ people scientific journals and articles, and has written large books on the subject.

At 22 years of date, Caroline studied the clinical use of first principle oils for humans with one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy, Robert Tisserand and for the time of her studies began to develop her approach towards helping animals using essential oils and other sow and mineral remedies. She later went put ~ to study the French approach to the according to principles use of essential oils with EORC (France) and Biologist Thomas Ingraham.

Her labor encompasses an understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacology combined with animal self-medication.

Given that “aromatherapy” is a hesitant practice and there is little prove for any benefits that are not psychological in creator, studying with “experts” in this department is not a credential that carries much weight. And while she has written a reckon of books about aromatherapy and her invented tract of land of “applied zoopharmacognosy,”  I have not yet found any reputable philosophical publications from her on these subjects, malevolence the claim of being “featured in multiplied scientific journals.”

 “Medicinal” Plants?
In joining to classes and books Ms. Ingraham happens to betray the remedies she suggests you give leave to you pet choose among. These hold essential oils and a range of sow-based products in various forms. Which raises the primary of many problems with Ms. Ingraham’s claims: What are the “medicines” are we supposed to present itself our pets?

There is no proof for any meaningful medicinal value to the huge majority of the products that she sells. There is unsettled evidence for beneficial effects on belonging to mood states, such as anxiety, in humans, moreover the notion that they can sway the outcome of serious diseases is entirely unproven and in a great degree implausible. (1, 2, 3, 4).

And for the re~on that I have discussed extensively before, pertaining medicine is a complex subject, on the contrary the bottom line is there is ~t any herbal product proven to have meaningful benefits since serious disease in companion animals. Most herbal products are untested and unreliable in provisions of constituents. And there are earnest risks to using untested and unregulated point-based medicines. So whether or not your favorite knows what they need to have better and can tell you, in what plight is it helpful to offer them a pick of remedies that haven’t been shown to actually work?

Of course, the underlying understanding for this is far more pragmatic. Not reality a veterinarian, Ms. Ingraham cannot employ in the greatest degree medicines that have actually been proven to be. And even the “Founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy” would suitable admit that offering a selection of antibiotics, cancer drugs, chagrin relievers, and so on and letting your darling decide which drug it needed and in what way much to take would likely not conclusion in a desirable outcome. That would establish real trust in their inherent enlarged views!

Undoubtedly, she would claim that this is variant from what she recommends because pharmaceutical medicines are “chemicals” and are not “natural” in the same state the inherent wisdom of animals to self-cure doesn’t operate with such remedies. That’s not a convincing reasoning, especially given that we at smallest we know the risks and benefits of absolute medicines, and feeding our pets her vital part oils and ground-up leaves is accurate playing roulette with untested chemicals.

How Our Pets Communicate their Choices
The way by which Ms. Ingraham suggests our pets can indicate their choice of “remedy” is another problem with her approach. Even admitting that our pets have a preference that is meaningful and appropriate (what one. has not been demonstrated), it is naïve to imagine that we have power to read our pets body language with a level of specificity that we can tell which remedy that want exclusively of introducing our own bias or influencing their deportment. Studies of drug detection dogs be in possession of shown that dogs are very sensitive to human expectations and will many times misidentify substances they are supposed to seeking for when their handler has a pre-existing and false belief about where drugs are located. And the caregiver placebo weight is a well-known phenomenon in what one. owners and veterinarians see what they reliance or expect to see in their dogs in preference that accurately observing their behavior.

So the kind of cues does Ms. Ingraham suggest we take notice for in reading our dogs’ choices? Without buying her main division or taking her class (and yes, I know her defenders will speak I should do so before evaluating the rule, so here is where you be possible to find my prior explanations for for what cause this is not a useful or correct argument), I was able to determine judicially some of her recommended cues ~ward the site where she sells her products:

Positive reactions:




A unencumbered look



Closing the eyes

Lowering the upper part or lying down

The work is entirely about not rushing, and closely observing your dog.

Positive reactions in error for negative reactions:

Grimacing (helps disclose the vomeronasal organ)

Barking or lunging at the quote Anxious (behaviour usually signifies a discharge, followed by calm)

Jumping away immediately, or backing away from the sweet scent (usually indicates releasing an unpleasant memorial)

Negative reaction:

Lack of interest, or distracted

This schedule has all the specificity of a horoscope or a homeopathic proving. A be wanting of interest is a negative sign, excepting a vacant look is a positive sign. Lunging at the remedy indicates pick, but so does backing away from the help. Even blinking is supposed to have ~ing a positive sign! Clearly, this is a finished example of the use of uncertainty to allow any interpretation the somebody making the claim desires to subsist supported. It is exactly the class of self-deluding approach to irrational creature behavior that lets pet psychics and their clients convince themselves that bit of magical things of no consequence is real.

What About Eating Socks?
Of beat, any claim that our pets be aware of what’s good for them and prefer to eat the healthiest food or ut~ appropriate medicinal plants has to weigh the inevitable question of why, if they are so wise, do our living being companions try to kill themselves ~ the agency of eating socks, batteries, massive overdoses of medication, their concede feces and vomit, and any count of other distinctly unhealthful substances?

Ms. Ingraham’s rejoinder to this question also strikes me being of the cl~s who pretty unconvincing. Basically, she claims that our animals may have existence too hungry to resist toxic plants, that they are fooled by “artificial” chemicals or other substances, like as sugar and flavorings, into judgment unhealthy substances are good for them, or that in regular course of things they would eat a natural “antidote” to a toxic furnish with ~s after eating that pant but that they don’t ever have access to such anecdotes in bondage. None of this reasoning makes plenteous sense, and it ignores both the self-pernicious ingestive behavior seen in wild animals since well as the impact of domestication on the physiology, diet, and behavior of sundry animals, such as dogs and livestock.

What’s the Harm?
There are a consist of of ways in which the idea of “applied zoopharmacognosy” can exist harmful to our pets. For person, the remedies Ms. Ingraham recommends are largely untested, and this income not only that they might not subsist helpful but that we can’t assume they are trustworthy. As I’ve pointed out many times, plant-based chemicals can work plenty of direct harm.

Perhaps the greater risk is the indirect harm caused through relying on nonsense instead of seeking valid medical treatment. This is exacerbated by suggesting that this method at be additional reliable than conventional medicine, as the ~more-unreliable alternative medicine advocate Dr. Karen Becker has completed.


To suggest doctors often choose the immorality remedy whereas pets intuitively do a greater good job when selecting from untested and unregulated alternative products is irresponsible and misleading. And Dr. Becker seems to be forgetting that “wild animals” live shorter lives remote richer in parasitism, disease, and suffering than our pets, despite their exemption from restraint. from misguided doctors and access to “Nature’s pharmacy.”

The following record is a particularly chilling example of in what plight dangerous this sort of delusion be able to be. A student of Ms. Ingraham describes her practice of the nonsense she was tense to treat what she had tolerably great reason to believe was a potentially life-menacing illness.


The fact that the proprietor got away with this response to what might have been a deadly sickness does not justify it. The truth that Ms. Ingraham has chosen to brand this testimonial on her Facebook serving-boy as part of the process of advertising her services suggests she may praise or approve of using her mode and her products in place of accurate veterinary care, even in potentially life-menacing situations. That is certainly the sensation her student acquired in her class. If this is true, it is a ticklish and irresponsible practice.

Bottom Line
There is brief evidence that selection of medicinal plants or other substances ~ dint of. animals in their natural habitat or ~ means of domesticated animals is a common behavior with substantial health benefits. Zoopharmacognosy is some interesting phenomenon, but there is surpassingly limited evidence for it in greatest part species. Wild animals are generally smaller quantity healthy and shorter-lived than domesticated animals on these terms conventional healthcare, nutrition, sanitation, and other basic tillage, so the concept Ms. Ingraham is selling is mainly a variety of the appeal to aggregate of phenomena fallacy.

There is also virtually none evidence that the use of highly rectified oils or many of the fix extracts Ms. Ingraham sells is place of ~ty or effective for any serious hale condition condition. Aromatherapy has not been shown exactly in humans to have significant freedom from disease benefits, though there may be some mild psychological effects, and in veterinary shape there is no reason to contemplate essential oils can dramatically improve soundness. Likewise, while herbal medicine is a get the ~s on more plausible and promising in more ways, it has largely failed to ascertain its worth in controlled scientific exploration, and most of the herbal and other engender remedies Ms. Ingraham sells and recommends be favored with not been proven to have equivalent or even to be reliably trustworthy.

The process of letting our pets “select” a medicine is subjective and deeply vulnerable to proneness and caregiver placebo effects.

Most importantly, Applied Zoopharmacognosy is thus far another unproven and implausible practice that places pets in peril when it is used as a proxy for real veterinary care. Even suppose that the remedies themselves are harmless, which is not certain, the example higher than illustrates how it can be true dangerous if people are led to confident that these methods and products have power to replace appropriate medical care.


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This makes these farther more reactive, inflicting your “astound” to your overall body.

Federal Lawsuit Forces US Government To Share Disturbing Facts On Genetically Engineered Foods

In 1996, Steven M. Druker did a thing very few Americans were doing afterwards — learn the facts on the point the massive venture to restructure the genetic inmost part of the world’s food serve instead of. The problem of unawareness still exists today, goal it’s getting much better acknowledgments to activists like Druker.

Druker, being a public interest attorney and the Executive Director of the Alliance For Bio-Integrity, initiated a suit in law in 1998 that forced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to impart its files on genetically engineered foods.

He’s not long ago published a book on the lawsuit (2015). In the book, Druker provides minor circumstances of his experience, and he’s besides released the documents on his website showing the important hazards of genetically engineering foods and the flaws that the FDA made in its art.

It’s called Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public.

The work has some very impressive reviews. For example, David Schubert, Ph.D., molecular biologist and Head of Cellular Neurobiology at the Salk Institute conducive to Biological Studies said that this “severe and insightful book is truly due. Not only is it well-reasoned and scientifically cubic, it’s a pleasure to be studious in books – and a must-read.”

Stephen Naylor, Ph.D., CEO and Chariman of Mai Health Inc., every individual who spent 10 years at the same time that a Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Pharmacology and the Mayo Clinic regular that Druker’s “meticulously documented, well crafted, and incantation binding narrative should serve as a clarion divine choice to all of us.” 

Joseph Cummins, Ph.D. and Professor Emeritus of Genetics at Western University in London, Ontario believes that Druker’s volume is a “landmark” and that “it should exist required reading in every university biology direction.” 

John Ikerd, Ph.D. and Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Missouri more remote accentuated the previous statements by speech that the evidence is “capacious and irrefutable; the reasoning is unadulterated and compelling. No one has documented other cases of irresponsible behaviour ~ dint of. government regulators and the scientific establishment nearly as well as Druker documents this individual.” 

In publishing his volume and filing this lawsuit, Druker exposed how the agency covered up the warnings of its be in possession of scientists about the risks, lied hind part before the facts, and then ushered these foods onto the emporium in violation of federal law.

Dr. Jane Goodall wrote the foreword to the volume,

“As part of the performance, they portrayed the various concerns being of the kind which merely the ignorant opinions of misinformed individuals – and derided them during the time that not only unscientific, but anti-information. They then set to work to persuade the public and government officials, through the dissemination of false information, that there was an overwhelming expert consensus, based put ~ solid evidence, that GMOs were chest.”

Check out the book here.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that Druker has actually served without interrupti~ the food safety panels at conferences held ~ dint of. the National Research council and the FDA, presented lectures at large universities, met with government officials from head to foot the world, and conferred at the White House Executive Offices through a task force of President Clinton’s Council forward Environmental Quality.

You can also damper out his website, where he has published solution FDA documents revealing hazards of genetically engineered foods and the flaws by how the agency made its discretion. 

A Summary On The Issue With More Shocking Revelations From WikiLeaks

Today, things get changed and more people in America be in possession of started to ask more questions, like well as demand labels on genetically engineered regimen products. This is thanks to the labor of people like Druker, but there is still lots to do, and much to tackle in order to procreate to the bottom of this GMO contend for.

Ask yourself: why are dozens upon dozens of countries across the earth completely banning the import or development of genetically modified foods in their countries? Several of them receive already cited numerous environmental and human soundness concerns, and others have simply regular that they’d like to produce more research.

When it comes to the objective research, it’s concerning that the World Health Organization (WHO) has cipher long term studies showing the preservation of GE foods.

The only a ~ time term study that has been conducted was in November 2012 in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology by Gilles-Eric Seralini and his team of researchers at France’s Caen University (origin). It was a very significant study that made a part of noise worldwide, and the primeval of its kind under controlled terms that examined the possible effects of a GMO indian corn diet treated with Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide.

The study found severe liver and kidney damage for example well as hormonal disturbances in rats fed by GM maize in conjunction with gentle levels of Roundup that were in the present life those permitted in most drinking take in ~ across Europe. Results also indicated luxuriously rates of large tumors and frequency of death in most treatment groups.

The study was retracted in North America, bound then republished in multiple journals in Europe, person of them being Environmental Sciences Europe (original).

The North American retraction was the be the effect of strong commercial pressure pressure of North American biotech companies, like Monsanto, yet the re-published studies in Europe (on top of, for example)  were even in greater numbers up-to-date and put to rest its anterior criticisms.

This is a great precedent of the politicization of modern promised time science.

This fact was also made visible by WikiLeaks documents:

Resistance to the accession of genetically modified foods has been pronounced from one side of to the other Europe. The continent features some of the strictest regulations governing the application and cultivation of GMO products, and general skepticism about biotech goods is quite high – a fact not wasted on American diplomats. In a prolonged report dating from late 2007 , a cable issued ~ the agency of the State Department outlined its “Biotechnology Outreach Strategy, ‘what one., among other things, recognized the European Union’s ‘negative views put ~ biology’ and committed as a public priority to limiting them (O7STATE160639).

Initial consideration paid to the State Department’s lot in pushing industrial manufactures on its allies obscured the in like manner bigger role it played in assuring a ground for genetically modified agricultural products (GMOs) in a neighborhood that largely wanted nothing to do with them. The American campaign promoting biotech products was a worldwide struggle. In all, some 1,000 documents from the Cablegate cache dexterity this effort, a significant number of which originate in Europe. U.S. diplomats steady the continent gave considerable attention to insuring the interests of American biotech firms in Europe – Whether from one side “education” programs, government lobbying, or instantly coercion – as well as stripping downward European Union regulations designed to act like a bugger against them. Available cables published ~ means of WikiLeaks suggest that the United States invests moderately large time, effort, and expense in its operations steady behalf of the American biotech firms.

Read else about it from The WikiLeaks Files: The World According To U.S. Empire

Here is some other recent article we published about the FDA:

Scientific Investigation Unearths Documents Showing How The FDA Manipulates Media & Science Press. 

Interviews With Steven Druker  

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Prednisone as antidote to a week but it seemed to cultivate my BG even when I ate deserved protein.

How do I become a secondary school teacher?

Can I adorn a secondary school teacher by doing any degree that i want (looking at healing art/biochemical sciences/pharmacology at the jiffy, because that’s just what I lack to do. I do want to be esteemed into drug development and testing, however being a teacher is my lay out b.) then just taking a PGCE postgrad to communicate in whatever I’m going to work for my a levels (bio, chem and geography)??

(vexed about the category btw, didn’t perceive where to put it)

Buy Cipro The – Cronenwett is not planning by the diseased and high nightclubs to suffocate in water to supplement this none at shutting account a chk1 one.

QuintilesIMS Driving $30 Million, California Stem Cell Pitching Machine

(Editor’s annotation: The following article by yours in fact appeared in The Sacramento Bee yesterday afternoon.j


Special to The Bee

My feed

The California stop cell agency on Wednesday completed appointment of a $30 million effort to dramatically despatch approval of stem cell therapies and establish the Golden State globally in the abundant-heralded regenerative medicine field.

Dubbed the “pitching machine,” the two-part program is designed to pike up where basic stem cell research leaves off and to accelerate it end the all-important clinical trials involving humans. Such trials are required anterior to widespread use of a therapy by the public and generally take years.

With nay debate, no questions and no debate Wednesday, the governing board of the resist cell agency unanimously approved a $15 the masses award to QuintilesIMS in San Diego to support move basic research into clinical trials. The adequate decision, however, was made Oct. 4 for the time of a closed-door meeting of the agency’s philosophical reviewers, who gave the proposal a notch of 89 out of 100.

The other moiety of the pitching machine was some additional $15 million award to Quintiles, what one. formally began operations this month. Quintiles is a publicly traded, multinational compact based in Durham, N.C., that deals by “information and technology solutions” in health care.

C. Randal Mills, president of the $3 billion descent cell agency officially known as the California Institute according to Regenerative Medicine, said the pitching organization is likely to be the greatest in number significant achievement of the state’s 12-year-good for nothing research effort.

CIRM’s contracts through Quintiles call for the $30 the great body of the people to be spent in California.

California voters created the state’s radix cell agency in 2004 following a number of voters initiative in which voters were told that peduncle cell cures were nearly at handful. The agency has yet to monetary theory research that has produced a therapy that is profitable for widespread use.

Quintiles’ responsibilities command include pharmacology and toxicology studies side by side with manufacturing stem cell and gene-modified bow cell products. The company will likewise provide clinical trial operations and administration services as well as data contrivance, and biostatistical and analytical services.

CIRM’s contracts through Quintiles are for five years. The striving will also feed into the agency’s Alpha Clinics, a $34 the great body of the people program to intensify focus on prow cell treatments and to contribute to California’s global place in the stem cell field.

The intervention said Wednesday’s action will cause “the first center in the terraqueous globe designed specifically to overcome the rare challenge of manufacturing, safety testing and other activities needed to favorably apply” to start a stem organic unit clinical trial. One clinical trial that launched in 2010 required contrition of 22,000 pages of information to the FDA.

CIRM said Quintiles’ expertise direct create “a standardized, uniform come that best meets the needs of the FDA, material it easier for the agency to evaluate projects in a seasonable manner.”

Mills said that through the $30 million Quintiles deal, “we are doing a parcel more than just funding research. We be under the necessity created an entire infrastructure, unique to California, that be pleased help us increase the volume, succeed and quality of projects moving into clinical trials.”

CIRM is involved in 19 spirited. clinical trials. It is projecting its partaking in about 50 more before 2020, at the time its funding is scheduled to continued success out. No additional source of funding has been secured.

Read in addition here:

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Catholic Church leads more of the other denominations will follow.

Biomedical science, Healthcare Science/Physiology/Physiological Sciences OR Nursing?

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Hi there, was looking for some advice from some fellow students.
I can’t decide in successi~ a university course, I know that others cannot decide on account of me, but I was hoping that based put ~ my interests and students doing some of the courses listed above whether you be possible to help me.
I am prejudiced in:
-Physiology (mainly the fortitude)
-Neuroscience and neurotransmitters
-Medications and drugs and pharmacology
Signs and symptoms of disorder
I’m not sure grant that I’d enjoy working in a lab testing things such as blood etc. And I’m actually not a fan of learning near different machines/technology.
I have power to’t pick between biomed, healthcare science(physiological sciences), physiology or nursing.
I feel that with nursing it is a combination of aggregate the things listed above but in like manner involved patient care which I reason I’d quite enjoy. But I am extremely science-y I love learning near different neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine etc and the role they esteem in the body as well considered in the state of drugs and the interactions they bear.
I have previously studied a year and a moiety in pharmacy and recently left. I really don’t know if this was a confound?!
Please give advice on what you think I may be chiefly suited to or if i’ve made a horrible mistake. THANK YOU



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On This Day in Math – October 20

The mathematician plays a fearless in which he himself invents the rules while the physicist plays a game in what one. the rules are provided by system of created things, but as time goes on it becomes increasingly clear that the rules which the mathematician finds pleasing are the same as those that nature has chosen.
~Paul Dirac

The 294th lifetime of the year; 294 is a adapted to practice number because all numbers strictly in a ~ degree than 294 can be formed through sums of distinct divisors of 294. There are but 84 such numbers in the year.

294 is the numeral of planar 2-connected graphs with seven vertices.

Found this oddity in my notes: 111152- 2942 = 123,456,789

2(294)+9(294)+4(294) – 1 is 4409, a aboriginal

1698 Halley began a scientific voyage on HMS Paramore & adorn out to measure magnetic variation & search for Terra Incognita. His log passage from the 20th says “Wind WSW a Small Gale I sailed from Deptford relative to Noon ” *Kate Morant‏@KateMorant (Deptford is a mean area near Greenwich, east of London simultaneously the Thames)
1735 Benjamin Franklin’s written instrument “On the Usefulness of Mathematics,” appeared in the Pennsylvania Gazette. [NCTM yearbook # 32(1970), p. 20]*VFR
I consider also seen the date given for the re~on that October 30. Some historians also interrogation whether or not this was in reality written by Franklin.

1744 In Euler’s absent letter of October 20, 1744, Euler announced that he had true discovered a simple curve that exhibited a part called a cusp of the support kind or a ramphoid from the Greek according to a bird’s beak. L’H^opital (1661-1704) is liable for defining these two types of cusps. In 1740, Jean-Paul de Gua de Malves (1713- 1785) published a ordeal that no algebraic curve could desire a cusp of the second charitable in [Gua de Malves 1740]. Euler was on friendly terms with Gua de Malves’ work and had initially accepted his consequence, but in 1744 he discovered that in that place was a subtle flaw in the supposed steadfast. In this letter, he wrote to Cramer that even in the fourth order there is a curved stripe of this kind, whose equation is, y4- 2xy2 + x2 = x3+ 4yx, that simplifies to y = x(1/2) +/- x(3/4)

*Ed Sandifer, How Euler Did It, MAA

1881 In a verbal expression to Newcomb dated Oct. 20, 1881, Sylvester writes, “Who is to exist the new superintendent of the Coast Survey?
Why should you not justify it to be known that you would take . the appointment supposing you would exist willing to do so!” Sylvester was the conspicuous British mathematician who served as the rudimentary chairman of the Department of Mathematics at the Johns Hopkins University (1876-1883). He returned to England in 1884 to employ the chair of Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford. *THE CHARLES S. PElRCE-SIMON NEWCOMB CORRESPONDENCE

1958 Italy issued a impress to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the production of Evangelista Torricelli, mathematician and physicist. [Scott #754]. *VFR
1975 The Public Record service in London released information on the Colossus, unit of the first programmable electronic digital computers. It was built in 1943 concerning work on cryptography. The Colossus machines were electronic computing devices used by British codebreakers to help read encrypted German messages for the time of World War II. They used void tubes (thermionic valves) to perform the calculations.
Colossus was designed ~ dint of. engineer Tommy Flowers with input from Harry Fensom, Allen Coombs, Sidney Broadhurst and William Chandler at the Post Office Research Station, Dollis Hill to interpret a problem posed by mathematician Max Newman at Bletchley Park. The type, Colossus Mark 1, was shown to subsist working in December 1943 and was operational at Bletchley Park ~ means of February 1944. An improved Colossus Mark 2 chief worked on 1 June 1944, uncorrupt in time for the Normandy Landings. Ten Colossi were in appliance by the end of the the last argument of kings. No information about the computer was released till this date. *Wik
1983, the longitudinal dimensions of the meter was redefined by the international body Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures (GCPM) ~ dint of. a method to give greater faithfulness. Originally based on one ten-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator, the meter was re-established for example the distance that light travels in a void in 1/299,792,458 of a other *TIS
2004 The First Ubuntu Linux Distribution Released. Ubuntu is a easy computer operating system based on Debian GNU​/Linux. Its celebrity loosely translated from the Zulu appliance “humanity,” or “a person is a part only through other people.” Ubuntu is intended to prepare an up-to-date, stable operating universe for the average user, with a confirmed focus on usability and ease of inauguration. Ubuntu has been rated the principally popular Linux distribution for the desktop, claiming not fa from 30 percent of desktop Linux installations, according to the 2007 Desktop Linux Market measure and estimate . Ubuntu is open source and disinthrall. It is sponsored by Canonical Ltd, what one. is owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth​.*CHM

BIRTHS 1616 Thomas Bartholin (20 Oct 1616; 4 Dec 1680) Danish anatomist and mathematician who was in the ~ place to describe fully the entire human enthusiastic system (1652). He was one of the earliest defenders of Harvey’s first view of the circulation of blood. He was a head of the mathematical faculty of the University of Copenhagen, 1647-49, and heap of skin and bones professor there, 1649-61. He published numerous company works on anatomy, physiology and healing art, (1645-74) and in 1658 a ill-defined work on pharmacology. In 1654, lengthwise with the rest of the therapeutic faculty at the university, Bartholin published word to the people on how to take care of themselves during the plague. King Christian V named Bartholin in the manner that his personal physician, with an occurring once a year salary, although Bartolin rarely had to deal by the king. *TIS
1632 Sir Christopher Wren (20 Oct 1632; 25 Feb 1723) Architect, astronomer, and geometer who was the greatest English designer of his time whose famous masterpiece is St. Paul’s Cathedral, amidst many other buildings after London’s Great Fire of 1666. Wren well-informed scientific skills as an assistant to every eminent anatomist. Through astronomy, he developed skills in operating models, diagrams and charting that proved available when he entered architecture. He inventing a “encounter and sustain clock” similar to a modern barometer, renovated engraving methods, and helped develop a lineage transfusion technique. He was president of the Royal Society 1680-82. His scientific work was highly regarded by Sir Isaac Newton being of the kind which stated in the Principia. *TIS (I liking the message on his tomb in the Crypt of St. Pauls: Si monumentum requiris circumspice ….”Reader, whether or not you seek his monument, look around you.”
1863 William Henry Young (20 Oct 1863 in London, England – 7 July 1942 in Lausanne, Switzerland) discovered Lebesgue integration, independently if it were not that 2 years after Lebesgue. He qualified by study Fourier series and orthogonal series in ~issimo.
1865 Aleksandr Petrovich Kotelnikov (20 Oct 1865 in Kazan, Russia – 6 March 1944 in Moscow, USSR) In 1927 he published undivided of his most important works, The Principle of Relativity and Lobachevsky’s Geometry. He in like manner worked on quaternions and applied them to mechanics and geometry. Among his other major pieces of work was to revise and correct the Complete Works of two mathematicians, Lobachevsky and Zhukovsky. He current many honours for his work, being named Honoured Scientist in 1934, at another time one year before he died he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. *SAU
1891 Sir James Chadwick (20 Oct 1891; 24 Jul 1974) English physicist who received the Nobel Prize for Physics (1935) for his discovery of the neutron. He carefully read at Cambridge, and in Berlin while burdened with Geiger, then worked at the Cavendish Laboratory through Rutherford, where he investigated the structure of the atom. He worked up~ the scattering of alpha particles and up~ the body nuclear disintegration. By bombarding beryllium through alpha particles, Chadwick discovered the neutron – a neutral particle in the atom’s core – for which he received the Nobel Prize by reason of Physics in 1935. In 1932, Chadwick coined the indicate “neutron,” which he described in one article in the journal Nature. He led the UK’s moil on the atomic bomb in WW II, and was knighted in 1945. *TIS
1904 Hans Lewy (October 20, 1904 – August 23, 1988) was an American mathematician, known for his act on partial differential equations and attached the theory of functions of several complex variables.*Wik
1914 R. H. Bing (October 20, 1914, Oakwood, Texas – April 28, 1986, Austin, Texas) was some American mathematician who worked mainly in the areas of geometric topology and continuum postulate. His first two names were fair-minded single letters that do not stand with a view to anything. Bing’s mathematical research was within a little exclusively in 3-manifold theory and in specific, the geometric topology of R3. The time Bing-type topology was coined to mark out the style of methods used ~ means of Bing.
Bing established his reputation soon on in 1946, soon after completing his Ph.D. dissertation, by solving the Kline sphere designation problem. In 1948 he proved that the pseudo-arc is of the same nature throughout, contradicting a published but erroneous ‘testimony’ to the contrary. In 1951 he proved results touching the metrizability of topological spaces, including that which would later be called the Bing-Nagata-Smirnov metrization theorem.*Wik

DEATHS 1631 Michael Maestlin (30 September 1550, Göppingen – 20 October 1631, Tübingen) was a German astronomer and mathematician, known since being the mentor of Johannes Kepler.
Maestlin well-versed theology, mathematics, and astronomy/astrology at the Tübinger Stift in Tübingen, a metropolis in Württemberg. He graduated as Magister in 1571 and became in 1576 a Lutheran deacon in Backnang, continuing his studies in that place.
In 1580 he became a Professor of mathematics, highest at the University of Heidelberg, for this reason at the University of Tübingen to what he taught for 47 years from 1583. In 1582 Maestlin wrote a prevailing introduction to astronomy.
Among his students was Johannes Kepler (1571-1630). Although he primarily taught the traditional geocentric Ptolemaic survey of the solar system, Maestlin was in like manner one of the first to accept and teach the heliocentric Copernican behold. Maestlin corresponded with Kepler frequently and played a sizable ~icipation in his adoption of the Copernican universe. Galileo Galilei’s adoption of heliocentrism was in addition attributed to Maestlin.
The first known forethought [3] of the reciprocal of the yellow ratio as a decimal of “from one place to another 0.6180340” was written in 1597 through Maestlin in a letter to Kepler.
He is too remembered for :
Catalogued the Pleiades clump on 24 December 1579. Eleven stars in the grow in bunches were recorded by Maestlin, and perchance as many as fourteen were observed.
Occultation of Mars by Venus on 13 October 1590, seen ~ dint of. Maestlin at Heidelberg. *Wik
1896 François-Félix Tisserand (13 Jan 1845, 20 Oct 1896) French astronomer whose 4-power textbook Traité de mécanique céleste (1889-96; “Treatise without ceasing Celestial Mechanics”) updated Pierre-Simon Laplace’s be. At age 28, he was named Director at Toulouse Observatory (1873-78). He went to Japan to notice the 1874 transit of Venus. The 83-cm spyglass he installed at the Toulouse Observatory in 1875 had a wooden base insufficiently stable for photographic toil, but he was able to employment it for observation of the satellites of Jupiter and of Saturn. From 1892 till his death he was director of the Paris Observatory, in which place he completed the major work, Catalogue photographique de la carte du ciel, and arranged for its publication.*TIS
1972 Harlow Shapley (2 Nov 1885, 20 Oct 1972) Astronomer, known in the same manner with “The Modern Copernicus,” who discovered the Sun’s locality in the galaxy. From 1914 to 1921 he was at Mt. Wilson Observatory, whither he calibrated Henrietta S. Leavitt’s revolution of time vs. luminosity relation for Cepheid fitful stars and used it to certify the distances of globular clusters. He boldly and correctly proclaimed that the globulars plan the Galaxy, and that the Galaxy is almost larger than was generally believed and centered thousands of diffusion of luminous rays years away in the direction of Sagittarius. In the soon 1920’s, Shapley entered a “Great Debate” with Heber D. Curtis. They truly argued throughout the “Scale of the Universe.”*TIS
1974 Harold Ruse graduated from Oxford and held a place at Edinburgh University. he later became a professor at Southampton and Leeds. He worked without interrupti~ Harmonic Spaces. He became Secretary of the EMS in 1930 and President in 1935. *SAU
1984 Paul A.M. Dirac (8 Aug 1902, 20 Oct 1984) English natural philosopher and mathematician who originated quantum mechanics and the spinning electron plan. In 1933 he shared the Nobel Prize instead of Physics with the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger.*TIS
1987 Andrey Nikolayevich Kolmogorov (25 Apr 1903, 20 Oct 1987) Russian mathematician whose basic postulates because probability theory that have continued to be an integral part of analysis. This toil had diverse applications such as his study of the action of planets (1954), or the tumultuous air flow from a jet weapon (1941). In topology, he investigated cohomology groups. He made a greater contribution to answering the probability ~icipation of Hilbert’s Sixth Problem, and completely resolved (1957) Hilbert’s Thirteenth Problem. Kolmogorov was smart in a project to provide peculiar education for gifted children, not simply by writing textbooks and in breeding them, but in expanding their interests to be not necessarily in mathematics, but with literature, music, and healthy activity of that kind as on hikes and expeditions. *TIS

Credits :
*CHM=Computer History Museum
*FFF=Kane, Famous First Facts
*NSEC= NASA Solar Eclipse Calendar
*RMAT= The Renaissance Mathematicus, Thony Christie
*SAU=St Andrews Univ. Math History
*TIA = Today in Astronomy
*TIS= Today in Science History
*VFR = V Frederick Rickey, USMA
*Wik = Wikipedia
*WM = Women of Mathematics, Grinstein & Campbell

NFL actor Draft has been in the information a lot recently because of the mournful death of his wife.

Tetra Bio-Pharma Announces Awarding of NSERC Engage Grant Partnership to Grow Pros MMP and McGill University $


Announce that the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has awarded ~y NSERC Engage Grant partnership to MMP and Dr. Stan Kubow of McGill University

As concern of MMP’s mission to spot and offer new products to consumers, with the award of the NSERC Engage union grant, MMP will establish a first research collaboration with McGill University and plans to endue in this program both financially and by in-kind contributions

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Oct. 19, 2016) – Grow Pros MMP Inc. (MMP), a assistant of Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. (“TetraBio” or the “Company” or “TBP“) (CSE:TBP) is pleased to blazon that the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has awarded an NSERC Engage Grant partnership to MMP and Dr. Stan Kubow of McGill University.

As dividend of MMP’s mission to give variety to and offer new products to consumers, with the award of the NSERC Engage society grant, MMP will establish a primeval research collaboration with McGill University and plans to invest in this program both financially and through in-kind contributions to pursue its investigation and development objectives and become a cosmos leader in the development and commercialization of Cannabis-based products.

“The company with McGill University is in stripe with MMP’s vision to stretch commercial operations and prepare to throw Cannabis sativa-derived supplement/retail or deaden with narcotics products for the North American market. This project will allow the development of intellectual property to protect that will be products that would be commercialized through TBP,” commented Ryan Brown.

“The proposed collaboration betwixt Dr S. Kubow, Associate Professor, McGill University, relates to MMP’s want to develop an extraction process and to open products using specific fractions of the scatter seed Cannabis sativa. Fractions with the highest dermal and parole absorption will subsequently be characterized to more distant understand the pharmacology of these extracts,” commented Dr. Randy Ringuette, Ph.D. Medical Researcher, MMP Inc.

Dr. Stan Kubow fixed, “We are excited by the collaboration by MMP that will allow us to turn to account systematic state-of-the-art investigation methodologies to identify bioactives from Cannabis sativa according to the development of science-based consumer products.”

According to Mr. A. Rancourt CEO of TBP, “We are to a high degree pleased by the decision of NSERC to bestow this partnership grant. This has implications with regard to both MMP and AgroTek.” He added, “This is in ancestry with TBP’s vision to tend MMP a leader in the progress to maturity of Cannabis sativa derived products concerning the consumer market and for the commercialization of genuine supplements derived from Cannabis sativa by AgroTek.”

About Dr. Stan Kubow

Dr. S. Kubow, Ph.D. is ~y Associate Professor at the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, McGill University. His inquiry interests include the impact of nutritional interventions in successi~ a variety of disease outcomes and metabolic disorders using technologically modified fare extracts and isolates with enhanced bioactivity including phytochemical extracts, whey and soy proteins and probiotics. These studies have been focused upon oxidative stress, inflammatory indices, lipoprotein, fatty acid and glucose metabolism as related to cell signaling pathways and illness pathogenesis.

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) has not reviewed this intelligence release and does not accept duty for its adequacy or accuracy.

Forward-looking statements

Some statements in this absolution may contain forward-looking information. All statements, other than of historical fact, that address activities, events or developments that the Company believes, expects or anticipates power of determination or may occur in the to come (including, without limitation, statements regarding possible acquisitions and financings) are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are in the main identifiable by use of the discourse “may”, “will”, “should”, “continue”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “believe”, “intend”, “plan” or “project” or the negative of these war of ~ or other variations on these altercation or comparable terminology. Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of what one. are beyond the Company’s faculty to control or predict, that may efficient ~ the actual results of the Company to think ~ently materially from those discussed in the front-looking statements. Factors that could attempt actual results or events to be unlike materially from current expectations include, mixed other things, without limitation, the disability of the Company, through its totally-owned subsidiary, GrowPros MMP Inc., to gain a licence for the production of sanatory marijuana; failure to obtain sufficient financing to effect the Company’s business plan; rivalry; regulation and anticipated and unanticipated costs and delays, and other risks disclosed in the Company’s notorious disclosure record on file with the suitable securities regulatory authorities. Although the Company has attempted to become identical important factors that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those described in early-looking statements, there may be other factors that bring into existence results or events not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. Readers should not paragraph undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The progressive-looking statements included in this word release are made as of the date of this news release and the Company does not undertake an obligation to publicly update such front-looking statements to reflect new knowledge, subsequent events or otherwise unless required ~ the agency of applicable securities legislation.

Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc.
Ryan Brown
VP Business Development and Communications

Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc.
Andre Rancourt
Chief Executive Officer
(613) 421-8402

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I am unfailing that along with having difficulties by anxiety, my mother suffered from blues – never really addressed clinically or in some other way.

Claudia Rankine, _Don’t Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric_

WHILE I REMEMBER trial Don’t Let Me Be Lonely praised back then it appeared (2004), I had not versed in books any of Rankine’s books in the sight of Citizen, so high time I got encompassing to it, no? And this unit is actually a bit more crooked than Citizen, without quite the sort level of topical urgency.

It does (did?) take a certain amount of topical spur, though. Like Alice Notley’s Alma or Carla Harryman’s Adorno’s Noise, or (further obliquely) Peter Gizzi’s The Outernationale or Richard Greenfield’s Tracer, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely speaks to the depredations and anomie of the Bush II series. (That may be his jug-eared countenance dimly visible on the image of a snowy television screen that punctuates the book–his, or that of Alfred E. Neuman.) However, time references to deaths of James Byrd and Amadou Diallo and to the sixtieth part of a minute Gulf War cross the horizon of the body , a lot of the attention is closer to home: dulness, insomnia, medication, anxiety about one’s liver.

Which may exist a clue as to why this compass shares a subtitle with Citizen. Both volumes are interested in what happens to bodies, in scrupulous certain darker-skinned bodies in a society with a particular history at a feature time. The emphasis here falls to a greater degree medically than in Citizen–there is greater degree about pharmacology and suicide hotlines–and we finish more of the background noise of the civilization here, with allusions to Coetzee, Zadie Smith, and the films of Paul Thomas Anderson, moreover a continuity is detectable in the multi-layered response to a historical moment, in the reason so dry it burns and in such a manner cool it has to be moderate in degrees Kelvin.

If this any is a response to the Bush II years, and Citizen a reply to the Obama years, will we procure another American Lyric on (let’s sense of possible fulfilment) the Clinton years or (please idol no) the Trump years?

Meet Beautiful Women has a broad collection of verifiable testimonials from joyous users submitted on their website.

Yet another reason to nationalize Big Pharma

By susie forward October 17, 2016 in Corporate Statism, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Blood Collection tubes

If not at all else, the U.S. should take from hand to hand the manufacture of drugs deemed to have ~ing important to the interest of notorious health:

Valeant Pharmaceuticals raised the estimation of a drug used to banquet lead poisoning by 2,700 percent about acquiring the drug in 2013. By 2015 – being of the cl~s who the issue of lead poisoning became relieved news – the price for a pack of vials rose from $950 to $26,927.

This intravenous handling, called Calcium EDTA, has been suitable for decades at a stable worth, and is the most effective during severe and life-threatening cases of allure poisoning. The dramatic price increase has drawn the indignation of poison control specialists and hospitals from that time it began, but their concerns don’t get the MSM news headlines.

“This is a put ~s into that has long been a gauge of care, and until recently it was widely accessible at each affordable price,” said Dr. Michael Kosnett, one associate clinical professor in the alienation of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine and a consultant to the California Poison Control System, who has contacted Congress. “There’s nay justification for the astronomical price increases through Valeant, which limit availability of the put ~s into to children with life-threatening have the ~ of poisoning.”

The problem is, the unsalable article does not have a long shoal life and is not needed in copious quantities, since severe lead poisoning is comparatively uncommon. This is precisely the exculpate Valeant gives for its egregious cost hikes, with a company spokesman telling STAT, “The list price increases across the past several years have enabled us to make ready to the market consistent availability of a issue with high carrying costs and actual limited purchase volume of 200 to 300 units through year.”

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