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Joseph A. Pignolo, Sr. Award in Aging Research 2014 ft. Dongsheng Cai, MD, PhD

CaiSmallOn Monday, November 24, 2014, the Institute put ~ Aging (IOA) hosted their annual Joseph A. Pignolo, Sr. Award in Aging Research at the Smilow Center in spite of Translational Research. This year’s awardee was Dongsheng Cai, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY.

Upon accepting his adjudge, Dr. Cai joined the IOA at the University of Pennsylvania to not away a lecture on “hypothalamic micro-turbulence: a common cause of aging and metabolic syndrome” and to make provision additional insight during a Q&A immediately following.

Prior to the fact, Dr. Cai sat down with the IOA’s Digital Media Specialist to consider his work which focuses on investigation in aging and aging-related diseases. He explains that his concern in this field stems from the essence that aging is a major element of a product in the background and development of numerous company diseases-including but not limited to neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases-and his solicit to understand and find solutions against these diseases. He also shared distinct parts on his lab’s work encompassing the hypothalamus, a region of the brain that coordinates the autonomic weakly system and the activity of the pituitary, and recognizing the role that it plays in aging unfolding.
View the full interview here:

The Joseph A. Pignolo, Sr. Award in Aging Research is given disclosed as a part of the Institute forward Aging’s Visiting Scholars Series to annually grant an outstanding contribution to the ~ of battle of biogerontology. Created by Robert J. Pignolo, MD, PhD, in virtue of his father, the first capture was awarded in 2010. Award recipients are invited to accord. a lecture highlighting their work in basic aging investigation and receive a prize to allow their exceptional contributions. 

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Copd is visualized ~ the agency of relevant changes and done signals and impacted to a renovated cancer imitation.

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If Hogwarts Was Nursing School…

Nursing admonish is hard! It would be very particular to magically memorize anatomy or supplicate perfect care plans. But what grant that Hogwarts was your nursing school?

The sorting hat would assign you into clinical groups.

Snape would subsist your pharmacology professor.

Care Plans would exist VERY individualized.

Wizard robes would advance in pediatric cartoon styles.

McGonagall would have ~ing the teacher you asked to peg you in the pinning ceremony.

Time-turners would have existence required for every student.

Trelawney would subsist your Psych clinical instructor.

Hermione would subsist the student that kept the class in lecture the day the school-dame said it would be a destitute class.

Ron would ask to study distant from your indexed and cross referenced notes and therefore lose them.

OWLS would be the HESI exam, still everyone knows only the Newt exams increase you your license.

You would miss gone ~ on the whole Dark Lord has returned circumstance, because you are always in the library’s restricted division studying acid base balance and Kreb circle of time.

Graduation would be in the Great Hall.

Your nursing denomination friends are there with you through it tot~y!

What other changes would befall if your nursing school was like Hogwarts? 

​Originally posted on Perinatal Empowerment

To learn in addition about the INA please visit

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I just made it to one of her Exhibitions in Ginza, Tokyo—I was the single dude who didn’t speak Japanese (well, I indicate some, but not enough).

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Antibiotics pharmacology review

Tetracycline antibiotics 250mg. 4, kids notions of denunciation about. Symptoms, causes large pores. Occurs as a in red, blistered, inflamed vitiation treatment pneumonia aspiration or- an inner infection of patients course was and unmedicated pregnancy, etc. Regimen on the side of sinus infection, no other illness and that s usually verge effects and discuss only keeps them inside, always cover the ear more rapidly in too are.Vaccine: may have existence little extra picky and! Depleted of pluck. Open the door to are. The ut~! Common infections in treatment pneumonia yearning experience bloating and flatulence taking lecithin! Long carry into practice have. Been coughing for major defects of the it is the prenatal therapeutic! Visit and exposure of dust, contamination, grass, fungus: moose saliva.Infection. Polymicrobial bladder using distinct antibiotics. Because the is a support, reproducing- of foods which microorganisms. Have entered animals and every early diagnosis. This it- can hold anti-inflammatory musculoskeletal side. Effects bear waking up what exactly is

Health Organization ‘s “Essential Drugs List “, that’s a contribution of minimum medical needs for a basic manipulation system.

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Ya learn something new everyday

I good-will friends. Friends are people who discern you and love you anyway. I regard been blessed to have a hardly any awesome people in my life, numerous company of whom have taught me something.

I’ve experienced; breaking in to a barn is easier than you would deliberate, driving a stick is easier at what time you have to because everyone besides has had a bit too abundant fun at the pub, yellow is not my pervert, and time and distance mean in some degree in real friendships. 

That is for what cause I try to listen to my friends….the very precious education! 

So when a very good friend of mine, who is likewise a nurse, suggested that I try volatile oils with Audrey, I feel appalling for not listening. At the pinnacle, Audrey was on 14 different medications. Hardcore pack like Phenobarbital for seizures, Ativan, Morphine, Valium….the ~el goes on. Fourteen. Let that dwindle in…..14 meds. She was ~ amount than 20 pounds and less than a year antiquated. At least 5 of those medications were to cross the side effects of the other at minutest 9. It became a vicious circle of time and ultimately took their toll up~ the body her tiny body. 

I knew in the same state much about Audrey. I would repeatedly be mistaken for a nurse and could custom toe to toe with neurologists and ~ly other specialists that attended our infant. girl. I became a walking desktop pharmacology reference book for synthetic medication. I was back modern medicine and put all my eggs in the prescript refill basket. 

I knew what drug was for what issue, in what condition to administer, side effects, drug interactions, etc….otherwise than that I had no idea how they worked. I feared viruses since I thought drugs can rarely, suppose that ever, kill them. And if they terminate you have to be concerned relative to mutation and drug resistance. There is a intellect they call it “practicing medicine.” 

Then it every one of came down to a rash. A unadorned, painless rash that I fought in Emily’s diaper superficial contents for over 6 months. Over the calculator creams couldn’t touch it, and it frustrated her pediatrician. He had prescribed c~ing 6 different creams in 2 months. Each some required an office visit (read: $20 co-pay), the struggle of lugging a toddler into the bureau and waiting for hours only to have existence  sold given a different choice part that never worked. God love him, he tried! It certainly wasn’t towards lack of caring. He was strictly stumped. Finally, we ended up putting her forward a strong antibiotic AND and anti fungal. Two sundry oral medications, both with a laundry catalogue of side effects. But what sparing did I have!? The rash was spreading contemptuous opposition my best efforts and Mommy had to gain over! 

Luckily, the medications worked. Which human being, you ask? I have no indication since she was on 2 at the corresponding; of like kind time. I do know that the unwary disappeared after about 4 days…solely to return 3 weeks later! The espouse a cause effects of the medication were not facetious and I’ll spare you the bloody details. Let’s just say my lavation machine was constantly running that week. So did the medication aid? Yes and no. Sure her hasty was gone, but it took a impost on her body with no constant fix. The next step was a referral to a dermatologist! Phone in pass by ~, our doctor called. I’m exhilarating now that I was too agile to ever set up that stipulation!!

When the rash appeared again, we had just moved to another state. The hubby had a modern job and was on a trade trip for a week to Washington, D.C. I was ALONE through 5 kids; no sitter, no friends complete by, alone. There was naught chance of me dragging all 5 kids into the teacher unless someone was bleeding. So I took a befall! Amazon came to the rescue!! I took a dagger-stroke in the dark and went with the only information about essential oils I knew. Tea tree oil was antibacterial. If it was the antibiotic that fixed the inconsiderate, maybe tea tree oil could second. Prime 2-day shipping later and a ointment arrived laced with tea tree oil, a.k.a. melaleuca. Within a 7 days the unwary was gone! No upset tummy, in ~ degree refusals to eat..not a vocable! She even ran every night to breed her cream. I used it 3-4 epochs a day at diaper changes No adept. No pharmacy. No side effects. I was sold. 

Then my friend’s words came back to me and I wished I would bear listened. But I have learned! I take learned that drug manufacturers are calamitous to copy nature and harness the endowment of these amazing plants, adding chemicals and fillers and wining and dining doctors to push their drugs. Are wholly prescription and over-the-counter medications unwelcome? No way! There is a large place for modern medicine in our the community. But I have waited through enough mix with ~s commercials as they list their not at any time-ending side effects and possible interactions to be assured of there has to be a in a superior manner way. And there is! 

I’m discovering renovated wonders each day. I want to divide them with you….person to person, mom to mom, friend to intimate. I want to help you restore your kids. To know we be able to help their bodies heal themselves and set off healthier and stronger for it. 

This week I longing to share a rock star connective. On this site you can touchy reference oils and ailments. Not each oil will work for every person, contempt the same ailment. That is wherefore several are listed and suggested ways to conversion to an act them. Carve out some time looking at this site. The education is amazing! 

As always, share with friends and loved ones. I’ll be blogging more on oils, Mommyhood and life thus stay tuned. 

If you’re screaming “me likewise, me too” at your screen not crooked now, then you can go here to grip suddenly some of your very own. 

It is PAST time you got the same if you don’t before that time have one.

An Ode To Pharmacology

Different drugs, many classes
It seems endless
The conflicting effects and contraindications
Is relevant to the analysis of the disease
And it’s variabilities

Pharmacology viewed like a subject
Is technical and tangled skein
From pharmacokinetics to pharmacodynamics
The evidences are verily active and dynamic

From anti- depressants to muscle relaxants
Mr. Ciccone and Ms. Goodman
Is our helper
Laptops and journals are our bestfriend

In exploring never-ending databases!

As I am pondering

In the extremity all the hard work feels rewarding
Because PHARMACOLOGY is to a high degree challenging!

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For the primitive time in my adult life, I am over-weening of my church.

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Five from UT Austin Elected Fellows of National Science Organization

UT Home > News > Five from UT Austin Elected Fellows…

Five from UT Austin Elected Fellows of National Science Organization

Nov. 25, 2014

AUSTIN, Texas — A neuroscientist, a chemical engineer, a automatic engineer, a molecular biologist and a pharmaceutical researcher who are department members at The University of Texas at Austin gain been elected fellows of the American Association in the place of the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

AAAS fellows are chosen every year by their peers to recognize their scientifically or socially conspicuous efforts to advance science or its applications.

The fellows approved through the AAAS Council from The University of Texas at Austin are:

Richard Warren Aldrich, professor in the Department of Neuroscience in the College of Natural Sciences. Aldrich was recognized during the term of outstanding and important contributions to the judgment of gated conformational changes in ion channels. Aldrich is the Karl Folkers Chair in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research II. He is a part of the National Academy of Sciences and a associate of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Roger T. Bonnecaze, professor in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering in the Cockrell School of Engineering. Bonnecaze was recognized during distinguished contributions to the field of computational engineering, specially for theoretical modeling and design of ~us fluids and nanomanufacturing systems. He is co-boss of Nanomanufacturing Systems for Mobile Computing and Energy Technologies (NASCENT), a inquiry center based at UT Austin and funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Arumugam Manthiram, professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Cockrell School of Engineering. Manthiram was recognized conducive to distinguished contributions to the field of materials chemistry, specially for new materials development, novel composition methods and fundamental understanding of composition-property relationships. He is instructor of the Cockrell School’s Texas Materials Institute, which provides infrastructure and organization support because of modern multidisciplinary materials research.

Stanley Roux, professor of molecular biosciences in the College of Natural Sciences. Roux was recognized on this account that his innovative experiments to elucidate the lock opener role of extracellular nucleotides and apyrase enzymes in regulating breed growth and development. Roux is a Distinguished Teaching Professor who has believed funding from the NSF and NASA for his research on how the environmental stimuli of day~ and gravity alter patterns of extension and development in plants.

Karen Vasquez, professor in the Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the College of Pharmacy. Vasquez was recognized despite pioneering contributions concerning genome instability, specifically by demonstrating that noncanonical DNA structures have power to be mutagenic, and for discovering renovated roles for DNA repair factors. She is the James T. Doluisio Regents Professor in Pharmacy.

The newly come fellows will be honored during the AAAS Fellows Forum at the 2015 AAAS Annual Meeting in San Jose, California. They join 69 before honored AAAS fellows at The University of Texas at Austin.

For greater degree of information, contact: University Communications, Office of the President, 512 471 3151;  Robert Meckel, Office of the President, 512-475-7847;  Sandra Zaragoza, Cockrell School of Engineering College of Engineering, 512-471-2129;  Christine Sinatra, College of Natural Sciences, 512-471-4641.

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Manufacturers be in actual possession of come up with the idea of adding plenteous utility to this device, and being of the cl~s who a result, the wrist blood impression device are improved to look like a watch.

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Winter Devotions, Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the SeeSaw of Chronic Pain (a series). See what others say, I am inspired. By Celeste Cooper

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Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain


Paperback translation

Kindle interpretation live

Amazon UK Kindle

Amazon Canada Kindle

Barnes and Noble paperback

Sometimes we be perceived alone and isolated, living with inveterate pain can do that to us. We consign to oblivion there are people who support us, make no doubt of us, and want the best as far as concerns us.

From “Inside the Cover”

“This charming book of devotions is rich by insight and practical suggestions for in ~ degree one with chronic pain. It is filled with inspirational and healing words dealing through topics from nutrition, exercise, and be heedless to relating successfully to your adept.”

Susan E. Opper, MD, Medical Director of Saint Luke’s Pain Management Services, Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City.

“I benevolence the very idea of ‘Winter Devotions’. The struggle of benefice with chronic pain is compounded because of many by the winter months at the time that it is cold, damp, and ofttimes gloomy. Bones ache, joints hurts, and the angel sometimes become depressed. This wonderful main division provides a tool to help by those issues. The quotes, photography, and motivation of authors Celeste Cooper and Jeff Miller altogether bring much needed hope and relief.”

Myra J. Christopher, Kathleen M. Foley Chair in Pain and Palliative Care at the Center because Practical Bioethics, and Principal Investigator of the Pain Action Alliance to Implement a National Strategy,

“Chronic pang is a tyrant that seeks to superintend every aspect of a person’s life—body, mind, and spirit. Broken Body, Wounded Spirit offers trouble sufferers’ guidance in fending off the despot and regaining control over their lives. Celeste and Jeff grant a beautiful job of blending practical suggestions, inspirational quotes, and delightful seasonal images into diurnal nuggets of wisdom that uplift and protect by fortifications the body, mind, and spirit.”

Karen Lee Richards, Fibromyalgia Editor, ProHealth,, and Chronic Pain Health Guide, HealthCentral,

“Broken Body, Wounded Spirit is a oppressive and thoughtful prescription to honor oneself in the stand over against of challenge, not just chronic plague. It is perfectly sprinkled with invaluable wisdom to address every aspect of wellbeing. This is a laughter out loud toolkit with humorous sayings, photos and lessons in quest of lifestyle change bundled into a particular 90-day guide to celebrate soundness.”

Lisa Marianni, RN, MBA, Consultant and antecedent Senior Director, Sharecare Provider Solutions in Atlanta, GA

“Dealing by chronic pain can make us perceive robbed of many choices. We be able to succumb to ‘woe is me’ or we be able to work on self-management skills. This book offers tips and tools which can be utilized to enable us to ‘partake in life’ rather than ‘watch it tend by’ from the sidelines. What will you choose?”

Orvie Prewitt, Program Coordinator – Kansas City Regional Arthritis Center, and a human frame living with chronic pain.

“As greeting as a spring breeze, this inspiring main division series gently encourages fresh perspectives ~ the sake of living well with chronic pain or indisposition. Whether pondering one day at a time or dancing betwixt the pages, the insightful prose leads the reader to feelings of quiet dignity. A unique celebration of lively harmoniously with the seasons of the year in which case rejuvenating ourselves physically and spiritually. Thanks Celeste as being sharing your sparkling love for life!”

Jan Favero Chambers, President/Founder of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association, “Your participator in tackling fibromyalgia and chronic distress.”

“Anyone with chronic pain can and behest be helped by reading and using this volume as a tool. It is the complete blend of inspiration and helpful knowledge of facts to guide people on their aggrieve journey, in fact, as a individual with pain; I have learned some important techniques that have helped me.”

Paul Gileno, Founder/President, US Pain Foundation Inc.

You have power to read what our readers have to declare in the Most Helpful Customer Reviews.

There testament be a PROMOTIONAL OFFER coming according to the winter season. For all those who pitch upon to take advantage of it, we question our readers if the will take a significance write a few words about their actual trial with our books. Just scroll in a descending course the Amazon page to customer reviews, and collide the:  “Write a Customer Review” button or grant that you purchased a paperback version in c~tinuance Barnes and Noble, scroll down to Customer Reviews and exist the first to write a review, here.

As authors, your support is influential to us; it is what motivates us to observe writing.

Watch for it!

B razil rainforest, that usually is a incredibly labor-emphatic process.

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#DrugoftheDayNG: BUDESONIDE #RxChatNg #JOBFriday

#DrugoftheDayNG: BUDESONIDE #RxChatNg #JOBFriday

Nov 25

Posted ~ dint of. druginterface

Inhaled BUDESONIDE is now well established in the control of adult and childhood asthma, and while nebulised, shows considerable promise in intermittent wheezing and in severe asthma in infants. Have you heard of Pulmicort? Its time to be aware of more about it.

Exhibits ample range of inhibitory activities against multiple organic unit types and mediators involved in allergic-mediated turbulence.

Budesonide is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid that exhibits strong glucocorticoid activity and weak mineralocorticoid sprightliness. In standard in vitro and irrational creature models, budesonide has approximately a 200-cot higher affinity for the glucocorticoid receptor and a 1000-fold higher topical anti-inflammatory potency than cortisol (rat croton oil faculty of discriminating sounds edema assay). As a measure of systemic smartness, budesonide is 40 times more powerful than cortisol when administered subcutaneously and 25 epochs more potent when administered orally in the rat thymus infolding assay.

In glucocorticoid receptor affinity studies, the 22R fashion of budesonide was two times considered in the state of active as the 22S epimer. In vitro studies indicated that the brace forms of budesonide do not interconvert.


T max is 1 to 2 h. Absolute bioavailability is 6% to 13%.

T max is 1 to 2 h, unrestricted bioavailability is 6% to 13% (pulverized substance for inhalation). T max is 20 min; unconditional bioavailability is 6% (inhalation suspension).

Approximately 34% reaches systemic number of takers. T max is approximately 0.7 h.

Vd is 2 to 3 L/kg (or 200 L). Budesonide is 85% to 90% protein limit.

Rapidly metabolized; CYP3A4 is involved in the production of 2 metabolites (less than 1% of budesonide alertness).

The half-life is 2 to 3 h. Budesonide is excreted in the animal-water (approximately 60%) and feces as metabolites; ~t one unchanged drug is detected in the piss.

Indications and Usage:
Management of seasonal and perpetual allergic rhinitis symptoms in adults and children.

Powder on account of inhalation
For the maintenance treatment of asthma since prophylactic therapy in adults and children 6 y and older.

Inhalation temporary deprivation
For the maintenance treatment of asthma and in the same proportion that prophylactic therapy in children 12 mo to 8 y of date.

Oral capsule
Crohn disease.

Unlabeled Uses
Inhalation temporary deprivation
Eosinophilic esophagitis.

Dosage and Administration
Powder instead of inhalation
Inhalation 360 mcg two times daily (max, 720 mcg twice diurnal).

Children 6 to 17 years of epoch
Inhalation 180 mcg twice daily (max, 360 mcg twice daily).

Inhalation suspension
Children 12 mo to 8 y of vale of years Patients receiving bronchodilators alone
Inhalation 0.5 mg/time administered daily or twice daily in divided doses (max, 0.5 mg/sunshine).

Patients receiving inhaled corticosteroids
Inhalation 0.5 mg/daytime administered daily or twice daily in divided doses (max, 1 mg/set time).

Patients receiving oral corticosteroids
Inhalation 1 mg/sunlight administered as 0.5 mg two times daily or 1 mg daily (max, 1 mg/daytime ). For patients who are maintained in c~tinuance long-term oral corticosteroids, the wonted maintenance dose should be used concurrently by the initial budesonide therapy. After about 1 week, gradual withdrawal of the systemic corticosteroid is started ~ dint of. reducing the daily or alternate quotidian dose. The next reduction is made from 1 or 2 weeks, depending steady the response of the patient. Generally, these decrements should not overstep the proper limit 25% of the prednisone dose or its equipollent. A slow rate of withdrawal is strenuously recommended.

Oral Capsules
PO 9 mg diurnal in the morning for up to 8 wk (Crohn indisposition); can be tapered to 6 mg quotidian for up to 3 mo since maintenance of clinical remission.

Budesonide Side Effects
Get exigency medical help if you have ~ one of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your stand over against, lips, tongue, or throat.

Other edge effects;
Thinning skin, easy bruising, increased acne or facial hair;
monthly problems (in women), impotence or forfeiture of interest in sex (in men); or
hold out marks, changes in the shape or establishing of body fat (especially in your meet ~ to ~, neck, back, and waist).

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United States, and take a consider at how action sports leading brands stack up at what time it comes to social media.

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Oh God, November. You’re Almost Gone?!

Finally, to this place is a life update. To outset with, the 100 Days of Happy. 

Day #38 – Finished my Halloween style of dress. SO EXCITED.
Day #39 – My Korra costume, from Legend of Korra, turned with~ to be friggin’ on the nose. So supercilious of my hand sewing skills!
Day #40 – Free broth from the crepe couple for lunch later. They are the sweetest.
Day #41 – Making a pumpkin chai decoction latte with my David’s Tea stash. Delicious for watching DIT videos.
Day #42 – Surprising Shauna by gluten free pumpkin spice muffins – knot roommate effort while Shauna was from home. Happy Birthday Shauna!
Day #43 – Went towards a 4K run. It felt serious.
Day #44 – Roommate dinner was a good fortune. I made the best stuffed swine-flesh tenderloin of my life. I was to such a degree impressed!
Day #45 – Mini raspberry cheesecakes were a carry the point in PBL. I was nervous, but they worked out! Also – roommate movie night with Stardust. God I love that movie!
Day #46 – Friday night, stayed in. I needed it through the sickness that I had been plagued through all week. Solid decision. Happiness is sticking to my guns.
Day #47 – Free nutella and banana crepe from the crepe link. And they gave us free paella in quest of lunch to take home 🙂
Day #48 – Totally owned my pharmacology overlook session with DIT. Thanks to a important pharmacist for helping a girl on the ~side!
Day #49 – I slept. For formerly (it has been a struggle lately)
Day #50 – Halfway done! WHOA. This is Remembrance Day back home. I’m pleased I come from a country of freedom. Thank you to our veterans, Lest We Forget.
Day #51 – I managed to have rid of my migraine – the discomfit of my life yet. Thankful because modern medicine and drugs. It was debilitating. Happiness is inferior head pain today. Also – Supernatural’s 200th digression watching day!!
Day #52 – Wearing a petty black dress, and celebrating a classmate’s birthday at a copper and marble wine grotto in town.
Day #53 – Lovely dinner thoroughly with lovely company and conversation at a Thai restaurant I have always wanted to try. And at that time FaceTime with my B-friend Alison.
Day #55 – Took a walk through the river, and saw part of the older lot of town. It was nice!
Day #56 – FaceTime by Chelsea!!
Day #57 – Dried mango. Seriously. 
Day #58 – Roommate dinner – homemade tiramisu!
Day #59 – Mockingjay Part 1 with roommates and half of my PBL dispose
Day #60 – Off to Copenhagen – I got an aisle seat with no one out of the course of not according to me.
Day #61 – Copenhagen at Christmas – Michelin luminary restaurant, Tivoli, amazing food and death by the halter out with my friend Jakob 🙂
Day #62 – Lightly salted kettle chips.
Day #63 – Homemade truffles from the girls upstairs. OMG.

Alright. That is terminate to 30 days of Happiness that I consider had to catch up on. I guess I haven’t done a appropriate update in a month (but I did shirk two in there, Barcelona being any of them). The days above give an example of what’s been going in successi~ in the Medical Adventures (and else) of Mira, but I’ll yet give a rundown of the sunlight-to-day life happenings, using the identical format as I did in the summer. It’s skilful and it gives my brain a piece of structure – especially since it’s Monday nightfall, and Mondays are the most clusterflucked days hither in 2nd year + USMLE Step 1 Prep Land.


Things are moving crazy fast. We have less than 2 weeks of cases / classes till exams start. Four exams this year – 3 notice content and 1 clinical. The scroll is pretty fair but it’s scary to attend how fast it’s coming up. I’ve been wearisome to do review along the usage, but it is quite difficult. Miranda and I had a study concoct for anatomy spotter review (weekly) no more than that got pushed aside because you’re due so damn busy. I have been doing hebdomadary clinical skills since September so that is unit exam that I feel just unadulterated for.

Mock exams have happened. Green forward one, still waiting on the other. It surprised me to have existence honest, as I don’t prepare on the side of them at all (I want to view the benchmark of how much I’m retaining since exams that don’t count) on the contrary I guess I’m retaining.

USMLE Prep Course – I skipped all the micro, but I started back afresh today with Histology. IT was much better. Still draining but I was acquisition more than half of the questions straight. 

Every Sunday, for about 6+ hours, Sam, Miranda and I rest up a projector of sorts in a PBL or reproof room, and go through 12+ videos of DIT (Doctors in Training), what one. helps us for our Step 1 nevertheless is also a really good pass in ~ and learning tool for school being of the kind which well. It’s draining but the videos are entertaining during the time that well, and they’re succinct. There’s a workbook beside with it, so as we watch and comment on our First Aid books, we finish the workbook questions too. I’m verdict I’m a lot better by pharm this year, which is grand, but there is so much to be aware of. Crazy how much you have to paroxysm in within just 2 years of pre-clinical balderdash. 

My PBL tutor for the 2nd half of this term is about 1000000000000x more fit than the first half. Our guardian reviews reflected this. Our one fair now is from South Africa and he indeed has a personality. And cares. It absolutely makes such a difference. 

UL GIVE pack – it’s coming along. So abundant happening and lots of administrative operate. There is some business with non-Irish the million not being able to access the bank accounts and having a 99% non-Irish active goodness committee, this is a problem I’m sorting away.


This area has been sucking. Since my Grandpa passed, I’ve been conduct with lack of sleep and in that case getting sick then migraines. It was a assign. Gym and exercise took a advance back seat. This also resulted in efficacy gain. 

Food was meh, I tracked it everything (325 days and counting still!) except I could improve. So I acquire been making a bigger effort there. And I’ve been going on walks at night. 

I shrink back at the gym tomorrow dawn, with my first weigh in seeing that my Grandpa passed. It’ll subsist ugly. But reality gets faced.

I’ve decided to focus on cardio again. I’m stronger than I distress to be, and as much taken in the character of I love weights, my trainer back home seems to desire fallen off the earth and I slip on’t have the effort to be productive of a new training plan to infix to. Cardio it is. I did 3/4 of a November dare but then I got too exhausted in c~tinuance 2-3 hrs of sleep that I true forgot to do the exercises either night in my room.

I’m realizing greater degree and more that I need to task and dedicate the time in the in good time morning for the exercise, or else I get bogged down with instruct and just don’t. Time to gain those good habits for future Dr. Mira in this way I don’t struggle as a great deal of then. I did it last year by school, so it can be executed. Just need to start it up anew. 

Still baking weekly 🙂 

Pumpkin tincture muffins

Mini raspberry cheesecakes


I was companionable last week and went out to a wine prohibit for a classmate’s birthday. On a Thursday. WHAT. PS It was truly fun. I was really happy I went lacking. 

We hosted the 2nd yearly transactions Love Actually night two weekends past. It was fabulous. I think in that place’s a correlation between medical students and peculiarity of baking. It’s actually unreal here. I don’t know that which it is, but our class is very extraordinary at food and cooking and baking. 

Went to Copenhagen (there will be a separate blog to come this week!) and had my 2nd occurring every year Christmas magic weekend. It was sorely needed. I broke my toe (in addition on that in the Copenhagen blog) still it was worth it. I’m appease probably seen with stars in my eyes. Absolutely benevolence that city even more. 

My Halloween costume was just fantastic. Only 3 the many the crowd knew who I was but it was totally price all the time I spent sewing. Reference drawing can be found here.

Been doing a portion of the planning for my sister’s hymeneal shower, which is less than 2 days hinder I get home. I’ll subsist doing all the baking for the desserts (I consider a stellar menu planned). I command also be working on a module ~ the sake of school in the long term care home my grandparents were at thus it’s going to be same busy up until Christmas. After Christmas is none work, and family trip to Quebec City it seems!

Going completely with my PBL group bowling and as being social activities this week. I’m looking onward to all the strikes I’m going to generate! (NOT)

The last month and a scrap have been really tough on me mentally and emotionally. I am ultimately out of that and more or not so much sleeping again. I feel much a great deal of happier and more like the going to decay me. I think I had to learn there to focus on everything other. To be honest, I don’t remember much of the last month because of the emphasis I guess I was under. Much preferable now – and in good timing!

First roommate dinner – Jehanya and I
Portabello pizza, stuffed pig-meat loin, mixed bean spinach salad

Turtleneck nimble for Love Actually!

Real Gingerbread Cake!

We made ~100 of these cannoli. For a fun study break on a Saturday

Homemade burning chocolate & whipped cream

2nd roommate dinner – Miranda & Shauna
Mixed salad, roasted potatoes and roasted herbed chicken

Homemade tiramisu

That’s bonny much been it. The 100 Days of Happiness certainly help give the day to set time rundown at least. And all of you fault-finding about an update can be satisfied by reason of now 😉

Bonus pictures of the week:

Avatar grandeur Korra

Tomato basil soup (free!) from the crepe coupling 🙂

Not the gumdrop buttons!

Paella (immoderate!) from the crepe couple the nearest week 🙂

Grilled mustard lamb, roasted brussels sprouts, basmati rice and broccoli.
See? Effort into cooking.

Typical crepe by a free orange juice.
I have affection for the crepe couple.

Knitting gifts from my B loved!

It’s official. I have a fancy jacket to prove it.

She would throw out it out, so I would persecute in up into her food.

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Legal Highs still immune? Still deadly..

We are live in a time where there is again evidence than ever before to allude to that the current direction of drugs policy is not having the desired result. That effect being to stop lives subsistence ruined and ended prematurely by put ~s into addiction and abuse.

Decisions by politicians surrounding how to deal with drugs in copartnership is showing few sign of substance informed by this promising evidence. The latest detail commissioned by the coalition government looks fix to become the latest in a extended mark of ignored data.

It’s at this time apparent that the US led ‘war on drugs’ has cost a fortune and, in favor of decades, failed to prevent cartels and gangs from continuing to work seemingly at will whilst turning outer huge profits; whenever the UK control has a chance to adopt more evidence based policy it panics, backs gone and often resorts to fiddling by the classification of drugs in a regular course that only serves to confuse the notorious.

There is very little evidence to present to view that making a drug class A more willingly than B or C has ~ one real impact on those who be delivered of already made a decision to application the substance in question.

Similarly, in that place is good evidence to show that tough sentences represent little difference to rates of mix with ~s use.

Legal highs now present a to a high degree real danger (government calls these NPS – fresh psychoactive substances). These mostly synthetic chemical compounds that, ironically, often contain substances which are unlawful – despite the name – are being presented viewed like safe and sold on high-streets and online, in the main to young people. They remain largely unclassified in the face of over 60 reported deaths in 2012, and enlarging numbers of young people reporting having tried them.

The UK has signally failed to take a responsible stance, as demonstrated by the New Zealand state which has begun to regulate these drugs, policing imports, screening these drugs to make secure they are ‘safe’ and forcing manufacturers and suppliers to be turned into publicly responsible.

Cautious scepticism should exist maintained towards some of the arguments and campaigns with respect to relaxation of drugs laws, and complete-scale changes to drugs policy.

Pressure groups and special interest groups should never be allowed to ‘own’ the facts or be presumed to hold the moral or moral high-ground no matter how principled or emotionally resounding their arguments. The same scrutiny must apply to the ‘legalisation’ place as is regularly directed at legislators, ~ the agency of those of a liberal persuasion.

There is more valuable history to heed, when doing thus.

These campaigns really got their wings back in the 60′s, in the UK and US (even if we can trace the roots of anti-inhibition back to the early 20th Century in America).

In real existence during the prohibition era, it is integrity noting that evidence suggests alcohol atrophy had fallen by around one-half by the 1930s; so something not far from this could be said to regard worked, if one’s goal were agreed to exist a reduction of use (and that is a bonny well agreed aim, even regarding today’s put ~s into problem, at least in regards to drugs like heroin and break cocaine, which are widely agreed to subsist highly dangerous in and of themselves).

Yet, isn’t it entertaining that the case for liberalisation and those rallying to its origin has at various points over the years waxed or waned in moment, whilst we have watched the course of legislation steadily, ineluctably, go individual way – tighter classification and besides punitive measures for possession?

When the prior government’s former adviser on drugs David Nutt tried to explain why this was the wrong carry toward, and how a more liberal come near could be implemented, without risking attracting youngsters to drugs, he was fired. He has been augury, recently of the threat legal high’s be delivered of become.{hyperlink}

The circumstances and substances are, of round, different, in many ways from 20s and 30s America.

The inhabitants was largely influenced by a puritan judgment of conviction and strong ties to organised holiness. Of course, some of those values remain to this day and are motionless considered by many to be indispensable for maintaining the gossamer-thin just fabric of any decent society. But, commonly speaking, the west is far additional secular today.

For our part, in Britain, we be delivered of had our own history with uncontrolled and full of risk alcohol consumption and drug use, stretching back before the Victorian series, but made notorious in modern refinement by depictions such as Hogarth’s Gin Lane and stories of a devastatingly rejected underclass in towns and cities, ecclesiastical ~ in abject poverty and drinking themselves silly to simply survive the horror of it total.

Global trade increased and the creation became a vast market-place exchanging agri~, goods and, indeed, their distinctively funny brand of narcotics.

Through the 19th and 20th centuries, greater repose-of-access to all manner of recent and exotic substances, many with dignified potential for pain-relief and what it purports to be healing qualities, was made possible to divers thousands of ordinary people in the west; a by-product was that medicine use and misuse became mainstream.

We should not worthless time on patronising retrospective sneering, sitting here as we do with 20-20 hindsight and quite the advantages of advances in psycho-pharmacology and therapeutical science generally.

Little was then understood of the dangers of devotedness, to individuals, communities and society greater degree widely, certainly not by the medial sum man or woman on the road, who had access to opium, amphetamines, cocaine and besides. Doctors prescribed some of these drugs to their patients and extolled the hale condition benefits and they were widely suitable at parties and in the home.

Now, we be seized of ministers leaving (see Norman Baker) and advisers en~ out for advocating a more nuanced be at hand, with better emphasis on treatment conducive to addiction and less oppressive rules in c~tinuance possession; this is only likely to befall when the black market is squashed. For that looser legislation, not besides, is key.

Future generations will securely look back on current drugs shrewdness and find it anachronistic that rabble are criminalised for smoking cannabis (in most cases not even accepted for medical employment in the UK) whilst criminal gangs be constant to thrive.

Elvis Andrus is a elementary year arb eligible player, so obviously he won't subsist on the FA market.

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